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  1. post patch bug on xbox If you have the xbox controller turned off, the chat sprint bug is still a thing. It's faster if the controller is turned off becuase you don't have to wait for the xbox keyboard to pop up every time you type.
  2. I tested any S+ building stuff, like triangle sceilings that snap will not place
  3. Mouse and keyboard bug post patch If you have your xbox controller turned off, and using the chat or any function that you type, sprint is broken. It's faster to play with the controller off, as you don't have to wait for the xbox keyboard to come up every time you try to type.
  4. i'm having the same issue not everywhere but there's a large area on my building i cannot snap them
  5. my character keeps desyncing on low pop rag After I accidentally duped my character (which I fixed) my character keeps becoming desynced (my character is a different location than what i see on screen) For example I'll be drowning in water when on my screen i'm 10 foundations away from the water. My internet and nat type seem fine, i'm the only one on the server with the issue
  6. I am having a really hard time communicating with my GM, IDK what to do anymore Over a week ago, I was standing still, crafting. I didn't transfer servers, teleport, try to do anything shady, I was just standing there. I lost connection to host, when I tried to log back in, it told me to create a new character, my main character was lost. I filed a ticket, and was assigned a GM, my issue is I have asked the GM the same question four times now and they will not answer it. I am a solo player, I had just came back into the game, and a friend was letting me use his server to build up. I had just found my own spot of land and started my own tribe, I didn't have a chance to move my crafter into the tribe yet. When the GM contacted me they said something that caught my attention, " For the tribe ownership you will need to be already back in your tribe before we meet in game." This concerns me because I'm a solo player. I have asked the GM four times now, "will you be able to add me back into my tribe" and I have not gotten an answer. I am posting this in hopes of someone from WC who can help or answer the question sees this or some forum mod can pass it along. I've tried reaching out on twitter, discord, and this is the last stop. I'll post a screen shot below, I wasn't trying to be rude in the screen shot I am very frustrated. I can't get over the fact I was standing still, doing nothing, and I lost my level 131 character I've spent 200 days on.
  7. i dc'd while afk crafting and I cannot connect to existing character So i was crafting 200 tek walls and decided to go wash some dishes. I noticed I lost connect to host and when I tried to log back in, it tries to make me make a new character. I loaded up my second xbox and crafting character and ran over and saw my character on the ground asleep. I've already tried wiping my data and restarting the xbox and such, I haven't killed my character or created a new one, it's still sleeping. I've already submitted a ticket but I know how long they can take. Has anyone encounter this and knows how to fix it?
  8. Mouse and key support, Cannot spring after messing around in inv I can't perfectly recreate the bug, but after crafting and clicking stuff in my inv (unofficial) I cannot sprint sometimes, and the only way to fix is to restart the app. Native mouse support is a HUGE step for me but this one bug is very annoying, there is also the bug of cannot sprint after chatting on official. Has anyone found a work around or what exactly causes this bug?
  9. @Jatis pve getting legacy servers? If so will there be a legacy ragnarok server for pve?
  10. Does this event change the imprint gained per imprint? So does a rex get 12% imprint now?
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