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  1. Jango

    New African Official Servers Please

    and yes we do have data centers that the devs can set up servers, Games servers is full capable to support what they need or even hetzna
  2. Jango

    New African Official Servers Please

    i am not asking for much im just asking to allows the African continent to be apart of the game
  3. Jango

    New African Official Servers Please

    Its because no one gives a poop about our continent and we are forced to play on those ones with 1000 ping we probs have enough players to fill like 20 servers
  4. PLease Wildcard we have been asking for months every continent has official servers but Africa and we cannot play on others because of ping issues.We have more than enough players to fill the servers.
  5. Jat please have a look at  "WILDCARD Any Chance for South African Official Servers ?" topic is general discussion. 

  6. Jango

    Official Server for South Africa

    Well Bacon i have been playing this game for a very long time almost hit 3k hours but in my experience the SA community is split and most of the community that i know really want this and need .This the SA /African community is all over the place due to horrible servers and toxic admins. Every server i have been to there has been some sort of admin abuse. In my eyes and all the people that i know i really think that an SA official server is a really good idea not only for us South Africans but for zimbabwean, zambian, malawian and mauritian as well as the rest of the African community. As well as Bacon with a bigger server and all the community in one place there will be much bigger tribes that u may even join so u wont be on ur own.
  7. Jango

    Official Server for South Africa

    I totally agree with RobotJunky and Zardeen. The South African/African community is split up beyond compare and the game is almost unplayable due to all server having 3-4 players on. I really do think that and Official server would bring all the African gamers together and the servers will be jammed apon release.This is something a lot of people have been waiting for .