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  1. Problem seemed to fix itself for a day now its back can't see any NA or EU Official extinction servers on the join list, when i try to join useing the IP thru steams server list or the connect button on battlemetrics it just says the server is not responding?
  2. (PC) NA-PVE-Extinction458 Anyone else having this problem or know a fix? Can't see my server on the list to log in, when i set the filters to official servers nothing is showing up but 4 OC servers and 1 asia server for extinction. All other maps are showing up like normal and battlemetrics is showing the server is up with people on it. I've tried restarting everything pc, router, steam, and ark. Also re-installed extinction.
  3. Few months made sense on scorched and abb because there was a few months worth of content for people to play thru thats not the case on extinction. People are getting bored and frustrated just open them already.
  4. Lol renameing yourselves grapeshot hopeing new customers wont see the way your company has handle things in the past instead of just doing the right thing and trying to polish ark before you dip out on it is sadly very on brand for wildcard. If anyone had any doubts about exactly why extinction released such a buggy unfinished mess well there's your proof they took everyone with any real talent to work on atlas and left a skeleton crew to handle ark from now on. If you thought tickets/bug fixs were slow before get ready for ALL servers to be treated like legacy.
  5. Considering these tribes that are abuseing this exploit are basically holding the entire endgame hostage maybe a little more then a fix should be on the way like say some real heavy handed bannings for all invovled would go a long way to win back some of the good will this issue is costing wildcard and ark in general.
  6. Server PC NA PVE - 485 All three titans on server 485 have been tamed and are being kept alive thru some exploit. One tribe has the desert titan and has had it for almost 2 weeks now without it ever dieing and being retamed, a second tribe has both the ice titan and as of yesterday the forest titan aswell abuseing the same exploit to keep them alive ( I would happily give you the tribe names but big suprise there all boxs.) No one on the server can progress and its killing both the moral and the pop of the server. A lot of us have been submitting tickets about this issue since it started with the desert titan but have gotten zero response and from talking to people on other servers this is apparently happening on pretty much all of them. Can we please get some kind of action / gm intervention on this issue so we can actually experience the content we paid for?
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