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  1. Make a PGArk on solo Copy Gami.ini AND cache files into server Run server See video I posted below
  2. I'm not the only one doing it, because I followed what you said, and seen this guy do it too:
  3. Transferring the cache files (2 of them) fixed the issue, thanks!!
  4. So I have to transfer the cache folder to the server as well? I'd assume it made ons own but I'll try it.
  5. Ok fellow players and Ark Admins. I'm running a dedicated Ark Server here at home, and I can not for the life of me get Procedural Arks to work. Everything I try, causes my Gaming Rig to crash. I can load Offical Procedural Servers just fine. PGARK?listen?MultiHome= is the command I'm using. All I've done is insert(per Dev Instructions) my solo Game.ini settings into the Dedicated Servers Game.ini. All my other maps run without issue. I usually run ASM for my other maps, but running procedural manually to troubleshoot the issue. Help..... EDIT: Yes, I've tried checking of local game data, and ensuring the server and my gaming rig are running the same version. Even checked the game files for validity on the server.
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