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  1. They releases fixes every other day.... If they could fix major bugs in a month... They would have done so by now.
  2. For a start it's still yet to be seen that they will release everything they've said they will... They don't have the best track record here... It's not just new dinos they need to finish! Tek tier, ascension, ui, dino tlc, breeding mechanics, structures, items, weapons, balancing n probably many other things i can't think of. Little bugs n little lag? Are we playing a different game? Release with this much lag, poor optimisation n bugs like falling through buildings n terrain n ark should be branded a failure. Go straight to release.... Wow... Just wow, I'd never give you a software job. You can't go from alpha to release, they would be laughed at. I'm a software developer, not in games but they'll use the same process, a month for major bugs..... Ridiculous proposition
  3. Well yeah probably, then it will be a cow... Then a chicken... N whatever else they can think of to put off going into beta....
  4. So what... In may/june it goes into beta... 6 months of optimisation n then it's finished? Yeah right... I don't think I'm being pessimistic... I'm being realistic...
  5. Still adding dossiers? No chance of a release in 2017... Forever ea
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