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  1. As I expected you don't go outside much. There's no way you found your post funny unless you laugh at anything and everything.
  2. Are you someone who sits on forums all day and assumes? He responded with a troll response anyone who knows about networking or who owns an Xbox/ps4 can tell you that 100 man servers run fine. He's either 12 or a pc master race weirdo who feels the need to comment on something to offer zero valid input.
  3. Kibble rework is the best idea you've had since release. As a veteran player, I quit after the new servers came out. For me personally, it was due to having to go through the long tedious process of obtaining kibble dinos/breeding. I think both should be in the game, but there has to be a middle ground.
  4. You're a bad troll and clearly should stay off any forum as you likely struggle with humor and thought.
  5. When if ever will xbox/ps4 be getting conquest servers
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