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  1. It's because there's a current bug in which they're all spawning in one spot on the map. Look around, you'll eventually find 100's of them stacked up on top of each other in one spot. Below is a screenshot I took of it. It's currently happening on Valguero official servers as we speak. Makes getting queen bees pretty damn easy though. Valguero btw?
  2. Regardless, it's no wonder people are confused about what's said or not said about the game-breaking bugs in this game because they're never addressed, or addressed through improper channels, like someone elses proprietary social media platform. So poke fun. That's professional? This thread started May of last year? Official servers have constant (and consistent) lag spikes. I die on dinos by simply riding them and bumping into mesh. Dinos that take weeks to raise just poof in a magic dust cloud of bad coding. Owls get stuck on anything you land on or bump into. Now getting "Arked" is common language on any server you join. Wise-ass moderators are the last thing people want coming here to complain about hours of hard work being flushed down the tubes.
  3. Linux Client Still on 300? Is the Linux client getting updated anymore? It doesn't seem to want to update past 300. This might be due to my end, please let me know... *Edit: Oh, I guess it's working as intended Ouch, guys. Thanks.
  4. The consistent lag on 557 is really frustrating.
  5. NA-PVE-Valguero557 is not working properly. It is currently unplayable in it's current state. Actions are snapped-back, or ignored. It's been like this for days .... hello?
  6. The lag on official servers is intolerable. Every few minutes includes at least a 5-15 second pause or rollback of actions. This is experienced by everybody in discord at the same time, it's not just me.
  7. See disk activiity with 'iotop' apt install iotop Always check 'dmesg' or syslog for performance warnings. If there are any server side, it will let you know. You can tune it to show verbosity on your network interfaces too. 'iftop' is a good tool to see realtime connection status. Get the IP of your client ( netstat -a | grep udp ), and dump their connection information to a file (open/analyze it with wireshark): Outgoing packets: tcpdump -n dst host x.x.x.x -w client_out.pcap Incoming: tcpdump -n src host x.x.x.x -w client_in.pcap Both: tcpdump -n host x.x.x.x -w client.pcap In general, anything in red (by default theme) on the wireshark interface should be looked over. See what step in the packet transer it fails at, and it will reveal the culprit. Get the expected result from a good connection, and compare. Tuning: What's the output of all the following commands, with all your clients connected: free ulimit -n Get the PID of the Ark process: pidof ShooterGameServer then: lsof -a -p PID | sed 's/myusername//g' (The sed pipe is to remove the username you run the process as ... you shouldn't post that output here) How fast is the disk able to write? dd if=/dev/zero of=/tmp/disktest.img bs=1G count=1 oflag=dsync && rm /tmp/disktest.img (The last line should tell you XXXMbps)
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