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  1. Chadstacca

    ARK: State of the Game

    thats what im hoping & it would make sense, seeing as they are calling them something different, hopefully @Jat can clear this up, just to be sure
  2. Chadstacca

    ARK: State of the Game

    so you wont be able to transfer from Legacy to New?
  3. Ragnarok wont be out before end of the year. Base game isn't even ready (Lag, rubberbanding, Dashboarding, crap graphics on Xbox, Duping, DDos issues) Fix them then Ragnarok may be ready
  4. Chadstacca

    Server Wipe

    Same reason us players in smaller tribes who've spent 100s hr playing and breeding get punished with 30hr rolls backs! because of cheats. But im not saying you or me deserve to loss 100s hrs of work, all im saying is cheats or aggressive alpha dont like being called out for cheating or bulling and their standard reply is " go play PVE or un-official"
  5. Chadstacca

    Server Wipe

    here is the great response again, "dont like offical, go to dedicated" why? why should players who like to play PVP Ark by the rules leave to go PVE or Dedicated because cheats dont like being questioned or Alphas dont like being told the truth!
  6. Chadstacca

    Server Wipe

    The New servers (for all Maps) need to have cross transfers switched off to give new players a chance. If they cant do this then I feel they need to Wipe servers, as harsh as it may be for us all, but setting up new cross transfer servers for new players is no good, all that will happen is established players will transfer over to the new servers and instantly become Alpha.
  7. Chadstacca

    Most Annoying Creature

    Troodon 100%
  8. Chadstacca

    ARK: Fear Evolved 2!

    ok mate.......
  9. Chadstacca

    ARK: Fear Evolved 2!

    I've read nowhere that Dodos stop it from attacking?
  10. Chadstacca

    ARK: Fear Evolved 2!

    yea but will it just walk past your base and attack Behemoth Gates for the sake of it or only if its agro?
  11. Chadstacca

    ARK: Fear Evolved 2!

    So will the Dodorex just agro onto your base for no reason? or only if you attack it or someone kites it over? Just i have no way of defending myself against this OP didno for a whole week!