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  1. majorhamilton

    Injury TLC

    I like it, although Ark is more likely rpg on this aspect. up
  2. majorhamilton

    Starting off on official?

    Is it possible to start "from zero" on a official server? With a tribe of 5
  3. majorhamilton

    New Maps suggestion

    Hello guys, I had a dream today, such a dream... It gave me some ideas for the future dlcs, hope your guys will like it Before everything, in my dream the game had seven maps (it does have 4 right now? i've not played for a while), each one had it's own difficulty and the last one was locked so I couldn't see it 1. Pangaea like map http://prntscr.com/j56ley Features: a middle mountain rich of resources, dry and high relief corners (desert), low water around the map except in sea (you not say?) or center; scorched earth creatures Difficulty: medium-hard, high competitiveness 2. Permafrost http://prntscr.com/j56nxn Features: a middle land with very wealthy resources, a green and safe land to start in with forced migration to the cold lands to avoid pvp; new mythical ice creatures that provides new sets to protect the players from the coldness Difficulty: hard 3. Underwater world http://prntscr.com/j56p40 Features: very scarse safe land, it will force the players to go deep, literally. The underwater is filled with new water creatures and underwater bubbles (like in The Center); some of precious resources can only be obtained in safe land Difficulty: insane
  4. majorhamilton

    Reasons to buy Aberration

    Hello guys, I want your feedback about aberration because im willing to buy it
  5. majorhamilton

    Top 5 Hidden Base Locations

    They are not hidden anymore
  6. majorhamilton

    Should Season Pass Price Be Dropped with the Delay News?

    What about discounts for who owns scorched earth? (xbox)
  7. majorhamilton

    Ark Turkey Trial Event 2017

    I want to see my parents
  8. They are training for WW3
  9. majorhamilton

    Human Body Type and Fatness

    Life cleanse too
  10. I do not know if there is any dlc about this theme, but it would be very, very, very cool to see a mod or a DLC that put survivors in a map with a themed map with some castles and ruins everywhere. With dead forests, ruins, strong potions and new items to change the schematic a bit. New creatures such Mummies, Witches, Gargoyles, Werewolf and Vampires would be challenging to beat, since they are going to replace alphas dinos. The last ones, vampire and werewolves, are going to be players selected to be "blessed" on a RNG system. In my mind survivors have a low chance to be infected by the vampire virus being bitten by bats, found uncommonly at night; werewolves are survivors bitten by wolves. These infections lasts 72h. These forms are going to receive their respecive buffs, but vampires must drink dinos or human bloods to strenghten themselves (humans>animals), and werewolves will transform only at night, being normal survivors at day
  11. majorhamilton

    Extinction reset map timing

    Hello, I have both a question and a suggestion. I never ever played on a extinction server, they are PGM maps as I know. It makes me these servers attractive, but... The reset times, they are the problem. I've heard that they reset every month, for me, it would be even more attractive if they reset every 3 or 6 months. Not everyone play 24/7 and 1 month is a short time to have fun on these servers (ik fun and ark doesnt match lol). So, lets discuss. Do you guys agree?
  12. majorhamilton

    All Artifact Spawns Are Gone.

    They moved artifact spawns on the Center to the jump puzzle
  13. majorhamilton

    New fog consstant on and way to bright

    Bring up a torch maybe? A big one
  14. majorhamilton

    Human Body Type and Fatness

    Hey survivors, I have 2 ideas that I would like to see in game. Idea 1: http://prntscr.com/fq42ug [/img] If you make Gym you probably have heard about this: body type. Peoples are commonly caracterized as endomorph, mesomorph and ectomorph, despiste of this separation some peoples are mist (I can say this as I have both ectomorph and mesomorph characteristics). You can select your body type within character creation, and each type would give you a bonus. Following the most-common body characteristcs: Ectomorph receives a bonus on movement speed (1.25x) and stamina (1.10x) Mesomorph receives a bonus on melee damage (1.25x) and health points (1.10x) Endomorph receives a bonus on health points (1.25x) and weight points (1.10x) It seems a bit hard to balance, but you got my point. Also, if not fair enough there may have penalties for body types too: Ectomorph receives a penalty on weight (0.9x) and fortitude (0.8x) Mesomorph receives a penalty on stamina (0.8x) and movement speed (0.9x) Endomorph receives a penalty on stamina (0.9x) and have increased food-water consumption (1.25x) Feel free to discuss this. -------------------------------------------------------------------------------------------------- Idea 2: Peoples often claim that they are so thin or fat. They may do not know, but there are side effects about their fatness. Surviving on real life rely on intelligence, but in ARK you often makes yourself to life or death battles. In this case, fatness is very important and can change the battle results. Sedentary lifestyle aka depending on dinos to farm and hunt and eating too much makes you fat. Well, it is not so bad... Being too FAT gives you some advantages like higher Fortitude, higher Health points, but there is penalties like less stamina and less movement speed. The fatter you're, bigger are the bonuses and penalties Being THIN/SKINNY gives you some advantages such higher movement speed and higher stamina, and you require less food and water to survive. Despiste of the bonuses, you are less resistant, resulting in less fortitude and less health points. The thin you're, bigger are the bonuses and penalties. Notes: these bonuses are added in your base stats, they might be a fix numer or something like this...