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  1. Version.txt missing since Genesis update The Version.txt file, which until recently was in the ..\steamapps\common\ARK folder, has been deleted since the Feb 25, 2020 Genesis update/release. Makes it difficult to tell if a version mismatch is on the server side or the client side. Also makes it quite hard to determine if my PC is up to date or not.
  2. All Linux-based servers appear to be broken at the present time. Which stinks since it is Friday evening.
  3. Read a blog while the server admins on the cluster I play on work for the 4th time in the last 3 weeks to fix what Wild Card broke with their latest update. And this on a Friday evening when we should all be playing!
  4. I'm having the same exact error on my system when trying to start a single player modded (Primal Fear, etc) game on the Crystal Isles map. It has been a few days since i tried to re-enter this world so I do not know what has happened on my system since. I am able to log into an SP game on the Ragnarok map using the same exact set of mods. The last thing that I saw on my screen was the last mod in my list being loaded. I removed that mod and the system still crashes. So my guess is that all mods are loaded and then the error happens. Meaning it does not seem to be a problem with any of my mods. Oh, and everything still worked fine the last time I logged into my Crystal isles map. Update: I can log into a Scorched Earth map, again with the same set of mods. In this case my player is the same exact player as the one on Crystal isles. But my player is stuck on Crystal Isles so I can't actually play on SE without deleting my character. Which would delete it on both maps. I'll just wait and see if a patch shows up that magically fixes this problem.
  5. That was quick! Thanks, I read, "C:\path\to\save.ark" as a folder and I now see that you really meant the path to the appropriate .ark file. Output looks pretty neat, especially after adding the --pretty-printing option and opening one of the output files with notepad++. I once lost a scorpion after trying to knock down a quetzal that I could not find again. I spent more than a couple of hours looking for it and had to give up. The good news is that I stumbled upon it 3 or 4 months later and it was still alive and well :-). Thanks again!
  6. I am getting an AccessDenied message from ark-tools citing my save directory. I have a folder C:\Users\Bob\Scripts and unpacked the zipfile with your latest (.030) version. I open a command prompt window as Bob which opens in \Users\Bob. I cd to Scripts, and type ark-tools -help and I get the help page. So that part is working fine. I then created Tmp and Saved folders under Scripts and copied the entire contents of my SavedArksLocal folder to Saved. And then ran ark-tools as: ark-tools tamed c:\Users\Bob\Scripts\Saved c:\Users\Bob\Scripts\Tmp And I get the following error: java.lang.RuntimeException: java.nio.file.AccessDeniedException: C:\Users\Bob\Scripts\Saved I'm running Windows 10 with Java version 1.8.0_101. Maybe not the latest version but still quite recent. Any thoughts?
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