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  1. My husband and I play the game together. I got hooked on Ark first. I was spending a lot of time in game and he was a little upset about it since I wasn't spending as much time with him. But I convinced him to play with me and now he's as addicted as I am, if not more so. However, both of us are gamers, so it worked out. If your gf isn't into video games, then I think you might need to give yourself a time limit in order to be able to spend time with her. Otherwise, she will probably stay miffed...
  2. I'd start with ankylo's. The other options everyone else posted are good choices, as well. But if you've never bred before - it's good start with a herbi to get a feel for it. And anky's tend to have hefty food stats so even a low level is not very likely to starve from the current feeding glitch. Then graduate to the carnivores.
  3. Maybe there is more than one bug in this problem, then? I don't think that AFKing in a chair nearby would solve every issue. Because we had a baby die, while we were there accessing it's inventory and feeding it, but had looked away for just a minute too long... This was after it was 3 hours through a 6 hour baby phase and it still had food in it when it died, BTW.
  4. When rocks spawn on dinos, sometimes (a lot of the time) it makes the dino despawn.
  5. It hasn't been that way since at least last July. I was a noob, then, and had a gate and wall built around my dino pen. Well it got too small, so I demo'd it to build it bigger, but another (even newer) player had built a little 1x2 thatch hut too close and I couldn't even replace the wall and gate I demolished. The way I had to patch it looked so ridiculous! I was so happy when they left - that was when it took a week for thatch to become demolishable...
  6. ^ this. But you need to watch their food constantly. A tribemate was trying to raise just one megalo this weekend. We're both experienced breeders and have raised probably over 100 babies so far (we're pretty close to cap!), so we know what we're doing. But after 3 hours, he looked away from the baby for just a minute or two and it died. Stacks of meat still in its inventory. So you'll need to be extra vigilant with 4 babies...
  7. We lost a baby megalo over the weekend, too. It was about 50% of the way through baby phase, too. Plenty of meat inside. I've also had it happen to two troodons and a jerboa. It's been happening since they "fixed" a timer issue back in one of the 254 patches, I think.
  8. This is actually a common thing. It happened with some friends I made in-game that were RL friends with each other. It's happened with me and one of my tribemates that I know in RL too. Some people just aren't compatible as tribemates. I think you should talk to your friend about it and be honest. It's possible that they are feeling the friction, too. In the case of the other tribe I referred to that were RL friends, they've both mentioned to me since they split and made their own tribes that they're both happier with the game now and they're still good friends in RL.
  9. I'd recommend getting a wolf and heading to the South Cave. It's better to go with a group, if you can, especially if your wolf isn't high level. But there are spiders and scorpions down there and you'll get lots of chitin from them. There are also titanoboas and arthropleura and sometimes megalosaurus (I'm not sure if those are on PS4 yet? I'm PC), so be careful. And metal isn't too hard to get once you can tame an anky. There are metal nodes all over - I think maybe even some on herbi? I don't go there much, but I think I remember someone else on my server saying they go there for their metal. If none there, then there are a few on the small mountain in South 1 and it's generally a safe location. Just set up a forge and you'll be all set!
  10. I think this is a good and well thought-out idea. I really like it. But I have a question, though. If foundations no longer prevent resource spawns, what is going to keep your dinos from being "sucked into the map" when you accidentally park them where a rock will respawn? Or, thinking of it another way, if foundations don't block resource spawns, what will keep trees and rocks from breaking through your buildings? I play PvE and currently, I have to place foundations throughout my yard to keep the rocks and trees from respawning and making my pets disappear when they respawn. I'd love a way to selectively allow which resources can spawn (I like the berry bushes and some trees and rocks are OK ) but I don't know how that could be implemented in this system without also allowing for the potential blocking of important resources.
  11. Pegomastax maybe? I have the same problem with my helmet - doesn't matter what type of armor, either. I've lost fur, flak, hide. Always the head piece tho. I've just blamed it on pegomastax that I might not have noticed or something.
  12. You can have "Personally Owned, Tribe Ridden" so your brother can still ride your dinos. Or, if you got close to personal cap, then he can have ownership of the dinos. It's easy - you unclaim, he claims, everyone can still ride, it's just owned by someone else. That's exactly my point with the no sense to 3 doed or castors per player. My tribe has 3 players, 3 doeds, but each player "owns" their own, but they are all in the same tribe. So rather than counting 3/400, having it be a personal limit would be 1/400. (The reason we own our individual dinos is because of imprint boost! Another feature of the game that encourages a higher dino population - i.e. 1 of each dino per player...)
  13. I think there should be a cap, but doing it per tribe should not be the way to go. It should be per player. Right now, tribes are splitting (or planning to split) just to save their dinos. This has lots of ramifications as outlined in a few posts above. Ultimately, it's causing more work for players in order to get around this limit - something most of us are probably willing to do. So instead of a tribe of 5 with 1000 dinos killing off 600, you'll see them split into smaller tribes to keep them all. So it's not going to reduce the dinos on the server as much as intended. Making the limit per player allows these tribes to stick together and cooperate as intended by the game without making us jump through loopholes. I mean, already you can have personal dinos in a tribe, right? So the functionality is there. If your tribe doesn't do personally owned dinos, then it would default to a tribe limit. I would be ok with this compromise... I'd even be ok with a lower per-person limit.
  14. It's still a bug with the troodons for sure. A tribie bred some just this morning and it wouldn't eat. A band-aid fix for until the bug is gone is to just remote use the food before it gets too low. Eventually they will eat. Also had this problem with meso monkeys...
  15. (I'm posting this on steam and here to get the most help ) I haven't attempted the Broodmother, yet, but my tribe is working up to it. I play on PVE official and have a small tribe. We also work closely with a couple other small tribes on the server. My question is - when we summon or tribute or whatever for the Broodmother, and we have our tribe members and dinos we're taking on the obelisk with us, if there are other people from other tribes, will they teleport too? So it would be a multi-tribe effort to defeat it? Or will the portal only teleport players and dinos belonging to the tribe that did the tribute? I already have read about the player and dino cap (10 ea), but I haven't found anything that says those all need to be from the same tribe. Does anyone have any experience with this and can help shed some light?