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  1. I wanted to report some success on bosses

    14% = 150 %in attack value
  2. oh right, nah didnt know that sorry my inexperienced took a hold of me. digging in ark LUL
  3. Chronicles Of A Mega Tribe

    Tbh this is how it is in ark, once you get metal base and u get all the times you needs, this is the view you get, chores farming endless cycles of consuming and being consumed. this is why ark in the beginning is fun, until you realize all the chores needed please THE LAGG INSANE A HUGE base WITH dinos = 4 fps..why even bother. dont like that you are a raider sins 2015.. wonder how many dreams you guys crushed.
  4. impelement 7 days too die too get a shovel Kappa
  5. so getting big and rich means their attitude can become savages?
  6. "If it's not in render, it isn't there"

    the hyenas can walk over wooden spikes.. and they do fair abit of dmg when they do, a pack of high levels can tear trou metal armor
  7. I wanted to report some success on bosses

    yeah they removed that last year or something yeah well many has done it with rexes so dont see any issues according too it.
  8. I wanted to report some success on bosses

    still 150>% more dmg sabertooth are weak
  9. I wanted to report some success on bosses

    direwolf is sabertooth v2,0. more dmg lesser health but faster greater better. i would still take 8 rexes and 1 pig for healing and maby a giga if not then a tank. rexes has better chances too bite after getting knockedback. i tought of doing 10 ankies but they so slow.
  10. Why are new severs not being put up!?!?

    hehe guys, trying desperatly too join a full server save the stress and chill and dont play on those,wait for new onces, go unofficial. the time cost isnt worth it.
  11. Let's talk about Giga again

    need tek tho.
  12. Let's talk about Giga again

    a full feeding through with 10 dinos took 3 days max too get empty and starving dinos half way. 4 days u gotta be early too feed.5 days they deff0 dead. thats why we had 5-10 troughs filled all the time.
  13. Abberation Expansion

    they probably add it all and mix it all in when all content is released. just gotta wait and see nothing you can force.. come back in 3mnths.
  14. Why are new severs not being put up!?!?

    they did fix the save lagg alittle and "heavy structure performance 20% didnt even give me 4 fps
  15. PR Disaster

    being paid too give agood review is a scam for their "veiwed on " PR. its fake news, a critic of a game can suddenly feel good and then give a overly positive review WITHOUT properly playing the game. if someone reviews ark with only 10 hours do you think they know all about the game? no they havnet, they been hunting dodos for hide and and hitting threes, they havent spent days in days out getting too a decent metal base, that will take you 100 hours ish if you dont get raided by that time, your lucky.