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  1. Chronosphere

    What does this mean from patch notes??

    that guy is a greifer forsure, and hes not smart enough to even understand what mesh in the game hes playing 100% garnatuee it hes asking for alot of people doing just this.
  2. Chronosphere

    277 Disk Space needed

    i gotta soon stop and uninstall this game, i cannot afford a bigger ssd for ark, am sorry devs but please tell me if u guys ever gonna make the patches smaller becus 7 gig here and there and then 15gb for the dlc and all the small patches etc. like is there any way you guys can comprimize the folder for us somehow or u guys gonna lose players.
  3. Chronosphere

    server upgrade feel any difference?

    yeah wasnt thinking about abbaration but ragnarok
  4. Chronosphere

    New Official Servers

    whenever i try search for new servers, how coe i get servers that 900 days old and stuff? i really find a servers thats under 400 days old.
  5. Chronosphere

    Which map?

    ragnarok .. the island just to small
  6. Chronosphere

    Dinos running around like maniacs?

    erm, dinos can be frightened by mobs aggroing trough windows etc might beena bug or something close that but that also is very becus then they would deaggro so very wierd but have you tried riding them and going off them , do they still do same ?
  7. Chronosphere

    server upgrade feel any difference?

    Hey , am just downloading 18 gig from the 12 gig that was announced, anyways anyone feel any difference in performance when new servers? thanks
  8. Chronosphere


    when they main game flops so they make a copy of the orginial game and make it minecraft version ... i wonder when is POCKET editiion coming out on phone? holy fak this industry raptorign blows
  9. Chronosphere

    Mantis and Titanoboa

    make acage in the sweamp and put titanboa in there,, fly away so they arent scared then the timer for eggs begins.. they gotta feeel welcomed in their own enoriment.
  10. Chronosphere

    Just got back, is this game doing fine?

    i heard you loud and clear, just like itought, game is released with lack of content still missing and fixed that ruins our time and wasted abaration was force don to me and i cant remove it or download it becus no space even tho igot 50 gig when i only need 12 4Head .. i quess i need 65 gb to back it up huh ark .
  11. Chronosphere

    Alpha Rex battle

    thats why u dont bring low levels to a big boi fight poop luck mate
  12. yeah am enjoy unoff aswell while singelplayer only goes to official for the boosts
  13. Chronosphere

    old player returning worth it?

    aight, yeah am same hovering around 40 -60 in high so thats good but still that fps drop when a base comes still bites the bullet.
  14. Chronosphere

    old player returning worth it?

    Hello community, was wondering ive been catching up on some patch notes and ive seen few performances gains.. is there any difference that people feel from 6mnths ago too now? or still waitinf for direct x ?:)
  15. Chronosphere

    Turret change discussion megathread

    wait... they are reducing a sandbox game for performance.. how bad are they are coding? really.. limiting defenses too get players too get better performance? it wasnt enough with dino cap either DILO is going on.. am reinstalling after 6mnths and ive seen alot of good patches but holy raptor.. maby i stand a chance now against alpha tribe with 3 gigas and 10 trexes with only 100 turrents right. i never made it past 10 turrents before i got wiped