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  1. Not Enough Free disk space

    dude, without mods i got my ark on 250 gb ssd lol doubt its ark, ark itself is 20 gb the game and the patches is like 90 total with the gmae.
  2. Alpha Rex battle

    thats why u dont bring low levels to a big boi fight poop luck mate
  3. Just got back, is this game doing fine?

    yeah am enjoy unoff aswell while singelplayer only goes to official for the boosts
  4. old player returning worth it?

    aight, yeah am same hovering around 40 -60 in high so thats good but still that fps drop when a base comes still bites the bullet.
  5. old player returning worth it?

    Hello community, was wondering ive been catching up on some patch notes and ive seen few performances gains.. is there any difference that people feel from 6mnths ago too now? or still waitinf for direct x ?:)
  6. Turret change discussion megathread

    wait... they are reducing a sandbox game for performance.. how bad are they are coding? really.. limiting defenses too get players too get better performance? it wasnt enough with dino cap either DILO is going on.. am reinstalling after 6mnths and ive seen alot of good patches but holy raptor.. maby i stand a chance now against alpha tribe with 3 gigas and 10 trexes with only 100 turrents right. i never made it past 10 turrents before i got wiped
  7. I wanted to report some success on bosses

    14% = 150 %in attack value
  8. oh right, nah didnt know that sorry my inexperienced took a hold of me. digging in ark LUL
  9. Chronicles Of A Mega Tribe

    Tbh this is how it is in ark, once you get metal base and u get all the times you needs, this is the view you get, chores farming endless cycles of consuming and being consumed. this is why ark in the beginning is fun, until you realize all the chores needed please THE LAGG INSANE A HUGE base WITH dinos = 4 fps..why even bother. dont like that you are a raider sins 2015.. wonder how many dreams you guys crushed.
  10. impelement 7 days too die too get a shovel Kappa
  11. so getting big and rich means their attitude can become savages?
  12. "If it's not in render, it isn't there"

    the hyenas can walk over wooden spikes.. and they do fair abit of dmg when they do, a pack of high levels can tear trou metal armor
  13. I wanted to report some success on bosses

    yeah they removed that last year or something yeah well many has done it with rexes so dont see any issues according too it.
  14. I wanted to report some success on bosses

    still 150>% more dmg sabertooth are weak
  15. I wanted to report some success on bosses

    direwolf is sabertooth v2,0. more dmg lesser health but faster greater better. i would still take 8 rexes and 1 pig for healing and maby a giga if not then a tank. rexes has better chances too bite after getting knockedback. i tought of doing 10 ankies but they so slow.