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  1. I would like to pitch in my two cents from the perspective of someone who is playing this game on an older rig. I absolutely love the new expansion, the dinos, mechanics, setting etc are great. That said I think this could have been handled better with better communication from the devs beyond the very PR heavy answer we got above. I have been watching this game since it first came out, looking forward to the day it would be optimized enough for my rig to handle it. That has now been possible for a couple months and I have noticed increased performance both in the expansion map as well as on the island. I don't get to play the game on super high settings even now but that is what I expect from a lower end rig. As a customer who is happily supporting your game I would very much like to see the cash infusion from those of us who bought the expansion fund another big push of quality of life and optimization passes on the core game. I would have liked to have your response to given us a bit more of a look behind the screen, and get a much more detailed explanation as to why this has to come now and why it needed to be a paid expansion. I'm happy to support this game as it fulfills the wish of my 9yr old self, but as an adult I would like to see your accountability. The comments i've been reading here all tell me that you have a very passionate and supportive community. We can handle the full truth without burning it all to the ground and not trusting us with that doesn't say much for how well you perceive your community. If you truly believe what you wrote above and don't recognize your miss steps then that gives me reason to worry and I will be keeping an eager eye at what you do next.
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