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  1. Backups from 10th Februar??? That's a hole month between backup and wipe! That is indiscutable and inacceptable. Why don't u publish the backup files like the last 2 times, backup from 1 day before publish? Don't know if u can imagine that there are survivors who moved their dinos to a server, that will be wiped, to get the savefiles from all of their dinos to start with em on a private server/cluster.
  2. Jen wrote: ' We will make the save files available as soon as we can, which will likely be sometime around February 19th at the earliest ' Don't think all of the to be wiped servers have 0-1 population either. most of them (pve) had significantly more. They call it The 2nd Big Migration, i call it: Another kick in the nuts of their playerbase, who supported them thru the EA phase.
  3. I would be more hyped if they would fix some bugs and performance issues instead of reworking working dinos or adding new buggy content
  4. Which server save files will be rolled out, just those from the wiped ones or from all servers?
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