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  1. Canada is not the US. He is specifically talking the US. Yes, different states in the US have slightly different sales tax rates. However, for that to be true, for the state he lives in, that would have to be what, 30%, give or take. Since the average is about 6%, again, BS is BS.
  2. To be factual and within context, he replied to a post stating that in fact, the Expansion Pack is 19.99 where his claim is that it costs 26.99 in the US. Everyone can see for themselves that it does, in fact, cost 19.99 in the US. His rant and claim is baseless, even when put in caps, bolded, and underlined. BS is still BS.
  3. Then you are getting ripped off or dumb, or something between. I am in the US and paid 19.99. Oh, guess what, just looked again, still 19.99 in the US.
  4. Show us the post from a Wildcard employee where they said this EXPANSION PACK was free. Go ahead, we will wait.....
  5. Pray tell, how does one "win" ARK? If you could or could not not "win" ARK before this Expansion, how does it allow you to win at it with it? Explain it to us.
  6. Can someone there confirm or not that the Unofficial servers wishing to use Scorched Earth and Island must have two rented servers.... Otherwise we must choose Scorched or another map to run on our single server???
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