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  1. Damn I never knew my favourite additions dino would have shown up here THATS INSANE make room for removing the tether distance option (don't take this offensively I believe your getting a good reputation amongst your fans keep it up!) add that Terrible Crocodile into the feared swamps it shall rip our skins with those snappy jaws! 🐊 btw I know what the name means
  2. Aberration is AMAZING but could you take my request and remove tether distance? its the cherry on top!
  3. Hello WildCard and Snail games I would like you to read this about my demand to remove Tether Distance first of all its horrible for some of us to play with our local worlds and personal worlds we can't even be happytwo you have been letting this pass for 8 months and still it hasn't been removed three its not even ok with our experience to feel the games detail it just feels trapped WildCard and Snail please read my speech because this could be your opportunity to make it even better please do it...
  4. So, in case your wondering about more of the details. I was busy donating charity for ocean conservations for endangered marine species since they were suprisingly decreasing, so about MOK this person what I heard was punished by this family and being harassed in MOK's places as much I think about the nature, its important but people getting harmed by family and aggressive people is not right. I want to create a sanctuary for everyone to be happy and appreciated because if we DON'T we will only resort to rebellion and intention of harm. The world is not gonna be better its important we change, this cycle for the importance of making it right. people will say our home is better for typical reasoning but we as people must have some dedication to make everything thing better progressively We got to start this prior revolution for my goal is to make earth a home not anarchy...
  5. Hey peeps you might remember me making funko pop art and here's my newest one...
  6. Hello, in case your wondering why im making this because I had some sadness and tears about a person who I was talking to a person named MOK this person was upset and chained away from the MOK's desire because Ive seen a lot of people being beaten and harassed for their opinions and choices they want I want you to have some sympathy of this person that MOK sees sorrow I am willing to fight for the people who are in distress no one should be hurt for what they want they can be that dream they are free but I want to make this world a better place for people everyone because we aren't hated we are appreciated by every single person thank you for reading
  7. Hello, in case you didn't see in the last community crunch of me i had made Funko Pop art concept for the Funko pop character submission i was the one who made them, moving aside i made a Funko Art concept for the upcoming Ceratosaurus! i had fun making this i just want funk to make these figures SO BAD i had added a predator positioning to make it have some predatory display. tell me what you think...
  8. Guys I most importantly want is tether distance gone... because I ain't paying for a server...
  9. Hello everyone thank to the people who liked the Funko pop art concept I made originally this art was used for the Funko Pop character submission I did send them the pictures but haven't got a email from them sadly so I wanted to show them so you and wildcard can see what they would look like AND maybe they might want to make Funko pop I can imagine a super sized giga funko pop! Also please stop tether distance!
  10. I have been making art for Funko Pop character submission which I didnt get a response so here's one tell me what you think?
  11. Also remove tether distance it will make your ceratosaurus trailer even promising
  12. It's very interesting that a mod became a offical creature from garuga what a surprise are we gonna get new animations and features that would be curious
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