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  1. HLN-A Explorer notes are not registering properly. I got all five notes, but only the three in the island are actually showing in my "Explorer Notes" menu: Other people in our cluster had the same happen with the island ones. I doesn't help to go back to the place where I got those two notes, because HLN-A does not trigger again (some parts of the game think I got the note already). Needless to say, I didn't get the advertised helmet skin.
  2. Possible bug after Summer event patch Hey guys I'm having this issue (after this last patch, the one with the summer event) where I cannot anymore run a dedicated server and a client on the same PC (it has always worked), the moment I get the server list my client crashes (but only if I'm running a server on the same machine). Anyone else getting the same?
  3. That is good to know. I think it is common knowledge that the whole transfer happens "through" the clusters folder, so in principle anything that keeps the cluster folders in sync should work, but the delay in syncing could get you into trouble. So GoodSync can do it fast enough. As a curiosity: when transferring characters do you guys use the "transfer to another ark" option or do you upload your character and then download it on the other server. I ask because the first option seems to demand a faster cluster synchronization than the second one.
  4. yep, 95% of that is the loot substitution code. For each item you put in there you use this many characters: (EntryWeight=0.900000,ItemClassStrings=("PrimalItemStructure_WoodFloor_C"),ItemsWeights=(1.000000),MinQuantity=1,MaxQuantity=16,MinQuality=0.000000,MaxQuality=0.000000,bForceBlueprint=false,ChanceToBeBlueprintOverride=0.0) And you will have to repeat that for every group and every loot drop in which that item appears... I guess it could look like this (conveying the same info above): (0.9,("PrimalItemStructure_WoodFloor_C"),(1.0),1,16,0.0,0.0,0,0.0) but WildCard likes to keep them human readable (the many digit numbers are also bad, but that is fault of the Beacon app - although WC does it a lot too).
  5. Nah, what really made the difference was a software called "Beacon" which helped a lot. I surprises me that you are having problems with the ini file size. In our server we run a big game.ini (abour 7 Mb) on three clusters just fine, and each server has only 8MB of ram to work with. In fact, it was much easier to use that file in the servers than in this forum, lol, no matter how I try it just crashes when I send the message. Even pastebin is balking (the limit is 500 kb, unless I decide to pay). I had to create a dropbox share to be able to do it, and since I went through that trouble I posted it as a thread in the server admin part of the forums:
  6. I can share my ini files if you want. We have been using it on our servers for a while, so I guess they are tested. (I lol-ed hard now, because I actually have a PhD - not that it made a difference in this case)
  7. That is a bit unfortunate... I wish the would have some setting wich would allow server admins to set these timers / spawn rates. I run a cluster with three servers (currently running Island / Ragnarok / Aberration, but transfers to and from Aberration are forbidden right now). As an admin I can customize the loot tables (WC tables are lacking in many respects). In the other maps the "dungeon" drops have better loot and much higher chance for blueprints, as the risk is increased. In Aberration I made the surface drops better than the chests you find underground, but not much better (no increased blueprint change, for instance) as they are not really hard to farm (they spawn really quickly, in a single "night out" you can get 10 or more drops). I intended to make the dungeon ones much better, but it is no use if people never find them. (there is some hope in the Red Dungeon, most players in our server didn't explore that one yet)
  8. Ok, so apparently the last dungeon ( in the Red Zone, called "Elemental Vault", with the Stalker artifact) has these chests in it, but the other two dungeons do not. Is that intended? Or a bug? (anyone ever get a dev statement about this?) I would naively expect to have "dungeon crates" in all three dungeons, even if the easier ones would be Blue or Purple (they do have Blue and Purple Dungeon Crates in the game, after all) (thanks for all the answers, btw)
  9. Bottonline question (TLDR): are you guys getting to find any Dungeon Crates at all at Aberration's dungeons? -------------- READ BEFORE YOU ANSWER: the Aberration map has 3 kinds of loot drops (source): (1) Crates: those are found around the "underground" part of the map (most of the map), on the Mushroom Forest, Rivers, Blue Marshes, etc... These are the weakest kind of loot chests, they look like the crates you find in caves on The Island map. (2) Surface Beacons: the spaceship looking things that drop from the sky, like what we had in The Island map, they are only found in the surface part of the map. The contents better than those in the crates (1) above. (3) Dungeon Crates: I have no idea where these are supposed to spawn. Most people seem to assume (and the resource maps in the wiki show that) they should spawn in Aberration's three "dungeons" (I guess they needed a better name than cave because, you know, the whole place is a cave). These are the places where you go for the artifacts. My expectation is that they should be better than even the surface ones (as it is much easier to farm the surface ones once you get Drakes or fast Ravagers) MY PROBLEM: we are just not finding any of these Dungeon Crates (3), we have swept the Old Railway Cave (so much for the "dungeon" terminology) and the Hidden Grotto many times and only once we found a yellow chest (right above the Hidden Grotto's waterfalls). It is not even clear that this Yellow chest was not simply one of the crates in (1), as it had some mediocre item in it. So is anyone find crates at these "dungeons". Are they being any better than the "cave" ones?
  10. Never mind Aberration. What is up with that woman in the trailer? Kills the guy one morning, gives him a gun the next. Wearing the same smile! I heard about female mood swings but this, this is UNACCEPTABLE !
  11. Yeah, I feel you, it is amazing how effective they are at breaking things that have nothing to do with what they were changing. Thanks for the info man, I appreciate it. About the workaround: no, our loot table is really complicated, including tens of mod items and various other customization. If they never get around to fixing this it will be hours of work wasted. Cheers
  12. Hey man, can you give us any details / source for that info. I noticed the drops in the servers I admin suddenly got worse (we use some big custom table). Is there any workaround? Cheers
  13. Ok, I´m trying my hand at it, and I have more objective questions: Is there a command to delete all objects with a given className from an .ark file?
  14. Quick (but tricky) question: do you guys think these tools could be used to remove all instances of a particular mod objects (or dinos) from a savegame? To be more specific, I think NPC Bush People is not allowing my server to start, but removing it is tricky, you cant just tell the server not to load the mod. I would like to remove all "Bushmen" from the map in order to allow the server to start. (it is not a matter of corrupt save file, since I cannot start the server even using previous savegames - I tested 6 or 7 of them)
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