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  1. Here is your sign Pacific Time Current: 11:25:38 AM November 24, 2020 https://greenwichmeantime.com/time-zone/usa/pacific-time/
  2. Agreed, the original announcement should have had the deployment times included in it. As for the platforms, there are many out there, and choosing which to use and which to avoid are both a personal and business decision. Businesses will want to be seen on as many public platforms as is available to them. Personal choice is just that, and I will not chase that rabbit. My statement: Was focused solely on the times themselves and the flood of complaints that followed the Twitter post. As I am not employed by any gaming provider or developer, I too would like to experien
  3. On Twitter @complexminded stated the deployment will start with the PC group @ 13:00 Pacific with Consoles to begin at 20:00 Pacific. Grumbles about the times are not needed; we all feel the pain in some way.
  4. @StudioWildcard Are you able to provide the time slots as to when the release is to be available to the assorted platforms?
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