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  1. This thread should be closed, as this dealt with the 30 min timeout that occurred with the Fear Evolved 4 release and that specific issue was patched out with the Nov 24 release. The continuation of stating I am getting disconnected with out providing any additional information is tantamount to calling the fire department to say "fire" and hanging up without providing any information as to what/who/where/how.
  2. Here is your sign Pacific Time Current: 11:25:38 AM November 24, 2020 https://greenwichmeantime.com/time-zone/usa/pacific-time/
  3. Agreed, the original announcement should have had the deployment times included in it. As for the platforms, there are many out there, and choosing which to use and which to avoid are both a personal and business decision. Businesses will want to be seen on as many public platforms as is available to them. Personal choice is just that, and I will not chase that rabbit. My statement: Was focused solely on the times themselves and the flood of complaints that followed the Twitter post. As I am not employed by any gaming provider or developer, I too would like to experien
  4. On Twitter @complexminded stated the deployment will start with the PC group @ 13:00 Pacific with Consoles to begin at 20:00 Pacific. Grumbles about the times are not needed; we all feel the pain in some way.
  5. @StudioWildcard Are you able to provide the time slots as to when the release is to be available to the assorted platforms?
  6. Here are the spec's from my initial post. I have done the updates that got released after this initial post; with no success.
  7. I have also created a thread on the Crystal Isle Bug Forum. Of note, this is not a Server Drop Event, but a Client Disconnect event. As this is being felt by both Win10 and XBox users when connecting to XBox and Win10 Dedicated Hosts. Yes, it was introduced during the Fear Evolved 4 download/activation. No, it did not resolve with the Public/Nitrado server patching, as this is on the client/personal dedicated server. No, it did not resolve with the TLC patch. Yes, this has resulted in both XBox and Win10 users with personal dedicated servers to completely miss the Fear Evolved 4 E
  8. End of Fear and TLC patch do not appear to resolve. Sill drops at 30 minutes. Also noticed that the feeding trough feeding ring is on after each drop.
  9. I maintain a common camp and decided to just setup a pot with the material. The users can build what they want from the event. But I do like the idea of the pin'd boxes.
  10. With the silence from WildCard Dev's it should be assumed they are not going to resolve this issue until they drop their Nov 6 event and disable the Fear Evolved 4 code. Frustrating as I wanted to earn the Fear Awards; guess I will have to command the items in now for everyone on my server.
  11. Thanks for the update about the Advanced Tab; it writes to the GameUserSettings.ini under Server Settings. Agreed, if they added the ClusterName one it would make life easier. I have gone through the document in the past, just was curious on your setup. I will eventually spin up a second VM; just would really like the ability to live transfer from map to map.
  12. namtr0, Are your systems clustered for the game?
  13. Dedicated Host: Windows 10 VM (3 Core @ 3.5GHz, 32GB) Ark: Survival Evolved 1.83.802.2 Map: Crystal Isles Client: XBox One Ark: Survival Evolved 802.9 Wired GB LAN w/ 200/10WAN After both Win10 and XBox updated for Fear Evolved 4 the connection will only stay active for 29 minutes before client is disconnected with a timeout. Host has been rebooted; and a Dino Wipe was performed after the patch to allow for Event Dino Spawning. Timeout is occurring for individuals connecting both via the LAN and WAN. It was also pointed out to me that the inventory transfer sound h
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