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  1. Thanks, but I meant win 10 configurations, that’s different from steam server command line or ini files.
  2. What’s S+? And can someone tell me where I can find dedicated server options explained? I find myself with a taming speed of 3.15 but I don’t know how that number comes out.
  3. What should they protect, those servers are not hosted on their network. So you're telling me that Nitrado is hosting on windows servers? Well, good luck with that.
  4. Having to keep a PC on 24/7 is the same has having an Xbox one on 24/7. What I don’t get is this : nitrado surely has a Unix version of ark cross play server software. Just like there is a Unix steam version server. Why wouldn’t we be able to have a Unix win10/Xbox cross play server software just like nitrado has? Why am I forced to rent a server when I have my own that already hosts a steam server that I could replace with a cross play version?
  5. But why would I not be able to have a dedicated server on a linux box and have it serve both win10 and xbox users? Nitrado servers are no different than dedicated steam servers, so what's the matter? What I'd like to do is host my own xbox/win10 server on my own linux machine (or pc, whatever, but I don't want to have a PC on 24/7 when I've already got a linux server for that)...
  6. Are you sure about this? If it's lika you say it just sucks... Can we have some official words on this?
  7. Last night I two man dropped one using a tapejara. Anyway I doubt they'll make a bee down a quetzal... though I'd like for it to be possible.
  8. One of the most beautiful episodes, where they go into a nest to recover space honey, has giant bees. iirc those were wasps, anyway it is the first thing I tought about when I read "giant bee"!
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