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      Please make sure you read the following information regarding the upcoming changes for the Volcano, as you are in potential risk of losing dinos or structures within a certain vicinity.  


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  1. 1.4 dropped for PC already. Did you mean for XBOX or PS4?
  2. What platform are you using? PC/XBOX/PS4? It might also be an error limited to a specific server. Ced has a google form for his bug reports that gets to him far faster than the forums. Here is the link:
  3. Your profile shows Steam, are you referring to the recent patch 1.4 for PC, or the next update for 1.5?
  4. Oh, yeah. It's annoying. I always sleep a floor or two above foundations, just in case.
  5. This is a bug that happens in the normal game itself, and is not solely a primitive plus issue. What's happening is that creatures are rendering in before structures, and fall down from their current position. It's been a bug that they fix, but creeps back in from time to time.
  6. The Primitive Plus console patch is scheduled for February 14th, 2017 (Valentines Day). They plan on showing you the primitive plus love then.
  7. If it is a thread that you started, you could request for a moderator to delete the thread.
  8. Sure. v504, ETA: February 14, from the PS4 Update thread.
  9. Not yet. We have asked Ced for something like the gas mask to allow for exploration of that cave.
  10. Yeah, Jimmy did a lot of hard work collecting and verifying bugs for Primitive Plus. I'm hoping that the new bug submission method works for Ced. If people don't look at or even know about Ced's twitter, he posted a link to submit primitive plus bugs here:
  11. My point was to explain why Primitive Plus has the update schedule that it currently has. During the early updates, a vocal minority very loudly complained about the frequent small updates to attempt to fix bugs that cropped up. At the time, people told Ced that they wanted him to establish a QA team and not post updates until they were bug free. Ced was willing to do it. Here we are, 3.5 months later. Yes, I have. The server I am on went through the very same thing. The patch notes have always been woefully sparse for Primitive Plus. The main game is better at listing out their notes, but they have a specific person assigned to collect that information and put it up. When bugs were being frequently compiled in the forum, we had a problem of: "Yeah, you fixed X and Y, BUT WHAT ABOUT Z!" Posts got so antagonistic that many were deleted, and it resulted in a really good bug documenter getting banned, simply because he couldn't keep his temper in check. Re-read your post, where you express your frustration at having to wait 3.5 months. Basically, Ced can't update the game without someone getting angry. It's inevitable. Ced already knows what the forums are going to be like, as he goes through it with each patch. The best he can do is what the main game does: Do a monthly update, and put out small patches to fix errors as they appear. I didn't say anything of the kind. My whole post is: Calm Down. Sure, though. I will address your point. Back in September, Ced said that he was reworking all of the custom Primitive Plus structures. At that point, I and many others went: "Okay. If this is anything like the main game, then I should stop building any further structures, as I will likely lose everything." A recent example of this is the main game cave wipes. If you had anything in the caves when they updated, then it was gone. There wasn't any fix for people. If you had stuff in there after the patch, then tough. So, in the meantime, I built structure components for future base expansions. Of course, I have a LOT of unplaced brick structures that are currently useless. That used to be the same with old limestone, but Ced went in and fixed it so that the old limestone now works. He understands the inherent problem that people are having. He wanted to give people a chance to pick up structures in order to re-place them, which is not a feature currently in the game. Does that work for everyone? No. I assume that he will eventually do something to fix things. All we can do is wait. Which is why I know he'll get things back up and running again. I'm not invalidating your anger or irritation. You have every right to be annoyed. I'm just saying that you need to calm down. Ced is feeling just as frustrated as you are.
  12. The normal game has minor patches to fix major problems all of the time. Ced was doing a lot of small bug fixes back with patch 1.1, but this sort of sentiment and frequent comment is why we have had to wait months for patches. People frequently stated that they wanted everything perfect the first time through, and Ced attempted to deliver it. I know you are mad, but you need to calm down. Let him work and knock out the problems. What we need is for him to be able to do minor patches to knock out the issues that cropped up, and get into a regular update schedule again.
  13. Ugh. That's terrible. Sorry to hear that. I had been assuming that you would get most of the normal updates like we are for PC.
  14. Wow. Not even from back in October, like the Chalicotherium or the Kaprosuchus?
  15. I would not pick up components from the bottom. I would start from the top down. That's what I am planning on doing, just to avoid a crash and loss of resources. --edit-- My question would be: Do we need to pick up and replace all existing structures, or can we leave them be? I understand that all old components will have different snap points than the new components (and will likely be incompatible), but if I have a finished structure that I don't need/want to alter, can I just leave it standing and it will be unaffected? Or are we encouraged to pick up and replace everything?