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  1. Hello, I wanted to first start off by saying if anyone ever asks where to get server hosting from, I am going to recommend PremiumArk and only PremiumArk. I currently run the #1 Voted ARK Server on TopArkServers.com We might not max out on 100+ players daily, but we have an amazing community of people who deserve the best server performance out there. We started our server on HostHavoc shared hosting when we were a tiny server about a year ago, we have grown into a community of over 250+ members with an average daily login of 40-50 players. Through the months of shuffling through server performance issues across 3 different providers, I finally found PremiumArk. Max met with me on Discord and basically answered every single question I had honestly and how I could try to fix my own current host situation without even using his services. After dealing with Max, I elected it was time to try out his services, and it's been night and day. My other server providers would have constant crashing issues, rubberbanding, latency at 200+. On PremiumArk, all of this is gone. The admin panel is amazing, much better than the other hosts offer with TCAdmin. Very easy to schedule tasks, view online players, ban players from a list of online/offline players. view tribes from outside of the game. Automated Steam and MOD updates 15/30/45 or 60 minutes after they are released. PremiumArk really makes the entire admin process almost a set and go sort of deal. Set it up, and it's good. After all of this, the prices for service are absolutely unbelievable compared to other hosts. I urge every single server out there that is having even the slightest performance or connection issues to give PremiumArk a shot. With all of that said, I made a quick video out of excitement for the performance my server. The video captures the one thing you don't want in a server. No lag. Video was taken with about 30 players online at the time.
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