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  1. Changelog / recent patches Implemented new Rule gate. Implemented new greetings option Alert on login showing unread messages Forum threads are now flagged "read" when opened Improved online detection for characters Players who setup their Twitch.tv will now show up when they are streaming! Fixed incorrect link in "you received a new message" e-mail Prepared basic dashboard with shortcuts to much used items
  2. Hi Small, Sorry for my late reply on the forum, although we did talk via e-mail. We are investigating the options to expand our network to the oceanic region. I'm not able to tell when exactly we will. I will keep you posted on the progress about this topic via e-mail! Cheers, Max
  3. To get this working, you don't have to worry about overwriting files. This can not be done without some technical knowledge however. as @CCRogerWilco mentioned, you can overwrite the IP to make the gameserver look elsewhere for the website that hosts the files. The event parameters are not stored in your configs, but the gameserver fetches these from the webserver. So simply spoofing your machine to download look elsewhere for the website should do it.
  4. Hi SMooreAce If you're still interested in a hosted webalarm solution: we're offering free webalarms to e-mail on our free ARK community website. Your players can setup their webalarm by themselves via the website. The e-mail alert will display your server branding. You can check it out on www.premiumark.com. Feel free to send me a direct message or contact me via the helpdesk if you have any further questions. Edit: added screenshot example Example e-mail subject: [ALERT] Tripwire alarm! (Your Gameserver Name)
  5. Review by: SI PVE Scorched Isles PVE & Scorched Ragnarok PVE https://discord.gg/BBXDBGA | sipve.premiumark.net
  6. Please read Crystal's answer, that is how they do it
  7. Please check out our website for the ultimate experience: https://www.premiumark.com/ RP Support (Twitch) Whitelists Auto (mod) updates (incl. in-game notifications) 2-hour free DEMO gameserver (no credit card credentials required) and much much more.. Compatible with: 3rd party gameservers (Nitrado etc) Connect up to 3 gameservers for free Self-hosted machines Manage your OVH/SoYouStart dedicated server via the Premium ARK admin Connect your home server and manage it via the Premium ARK admin Manage up to 10 gameservers for just € 10 p/m Premium Cloud servers Seamless integration EU & NA cluster combinations Starting at € 14.99 p/m Dashboard screenshot: Community website screenshot:
  8. Sure thing! I noticed some other people using the direct json output, that this tool provides, on production sites as well. Please do keep in mind that this might cause security risks. If attackers find a way to inject / execute unwanted commands, you're in big trouble. If you're gonna allow direct access, I would recommend using your webserver as a proxy, to obscure / block all direct access to this tool using a firewall, with your webserver's IP in the whitelist. This will also give you the option to cache the output Another unpleasant side-effect might be noticeable when you have a lot of visitors on the website. Ideally you would want to separate the web traffic from your gameserver traffic, so your gameserver is not affected by any traffic spikes. Its a good thing to be in control when and how often your gameserver is called for data
  9. I know this post is a month old, but I feel like PHP/Mysql (or mariaDB or percona) deserve some more attention, so I'm happy to give you some pointers. Its correct that storing the json output in your database is not the ideal situation. It makes it hard (not impossible) to create relations between certain records and you're also gonna find yourself storing a lot of data that you'll never use. The most important thing is that you have no way (that i know of) to make indexes. In pretty much any database, you want to create indexes, to fetch certain sets of data very quickly. My advice to you would be: try to iterate (loop) through the different files, per type. Make a table similar to that type and store only the information you want in that table. In other words: grab all the dino's, loop through all the dino's and store them in your database one by one. Keep in mind that you might want to extend in the future, so setting up something abstract is something you would want to do. Try to break things down in small chunks that you can work with Good luck!
  10. Thanks for sharing @Crystal! I wasn't aware about the dynamicconfig.ini. Very interesting That makes me think, using the hostfile on the server-side, it should be possible to fetch that data from a private webserver. I have done that in the past with the officialservers, showing my server as official (in combination with a server-side secret file) and showing custom news in the game client.