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  1. MaxPremiumARK

    Server Save lag is back!

    Its not your server, its the application. While your server is running, it has everything in its memory. Memory is super fast, which is why you don't notice any lag when playing. When the gameserver is performing a "world save" it dumps the entire memory state to a file. With a fresh server, there is not a lot of stuff to write. When you have a full server, with a lot of buildings etc, there is a lot of stuff in memory. So, at a certain point, your gameserver will have to export so much, it takes a bit. THIS is what causes the savelag. Nothing you can do about it, just praying some day there will be a patch that isn't about content, but about performance
  2. Changelog / recent patches Implemented new Rule gate. Implemented new greetings option Alert on login showing unread messages Forum threads are now flagged "read" when opened Improved online detection for characters Players who setup their Twitch.tv will now show up when they are streaming! Fixed incorrect link in "you received a new message" e-mail Prepared basic dashboard with shortcuts to much used items
  3. MaxPremiumARK

    Higher CPU usage on linux server since 271

    no net threading
  4. Hi Small, Sorry for my late reply on the forum, although we did talk via e-mail. We are investigating the options to expand our network to the oceanic region. I'm not able to tell when exactly we will. I will keep you posted on the progress about this topic via e-mail! Cheers, Max
  5. To get this working, you don't have to worry about overwriting files. This can not be done without some technical knowledge however. as @CCRogerWilco mentioned, you can overwrite the IP to make the gameserver look elsewhere for the website that hosts the files. The event parameters are not stored in your configs, but the gameserver fetches these from the webserver. So simply spoofing your machine to download look elsewhere for the website should do it.
  6. MaxPremiumARK

    Server upgrade help

    Some basics: The best performance is achieved with power CPU's. Your CPU should be able to handle at least 30 concurrent players per server ARK consumes a lot of memory over time. One of our test server is currently using 17GB (hasn't been wiped for a year now) SSD is useful, although the save process is mostly limited by the code itself If you assume each server requires at least 1 thread per server, you should be able to run 4 servers on your current machine. For optimum performance I would recommend having 2 threads dedicated to each gameserver. I think your disk is OK for what you're trying to achieve and will not be the bottleneck you should be worried about. Your current internet should be OK. The upload is what is most important, since your server will be sending out a lot of data to all the players. Based on my experience so far, and assuming you're not downloading or putting stress on the network in any other form, your connection should suffice for the amount of players you want to serve. The Ryzen 1700 will actually be a downgrade. ARK depends on GHz and your current CPU seems to have 3.9GHz, compared to the 3 GHz the Ryzen 1700 provides. ARK is not multithreaded! RAM is your first bottleneck, and I would recommend adding some RAM (taking 8 GB per server into account) and see from there Good luck!
  7. Hi SMooreAce If you're still interested in a hosted webalarm solution: we're offering free webalarms to e-mail on our free ARK community website. Your players can setup their webalarm by themselves via the website. The e-mail alert will display your server branding. You can check it out on www.premiumark.com. Feel free to send me a direct message or contact me via the helpdesk if you have any further questions. Edit: added screenshot example Example e-mail subject: [ALERT] Tripwire alarm! (Your Gameserver Name)
  8. Review by: SI PVE Scorched Isles PVE & Scorched Ragnarok PVE https://discord.gg/BBXDBGA | sipve.premiumark.net
  9. Please read Crystal's answer, that is how they do it
  10. MaxPremiumARK

    Create a server

    When the host quits, the server stops. It will probably save your progress, but nobody is able to continue playing when you leave.
  11. MaxPremiumARK

    Create a server

    I'm not 100% sure on that, but I recommend following the guide so you're sure you have all that is needed to get it running
  12. MaxPremiumARK

    Create a server

    Hi Johnjr, Setting up a dedicated server requires some special configuration. Hosting it on the same computer that you use to play the game will require a large amount of RAM. The game and the server easily use 16GB+ combined. You can find a guide on how to setup a server, for both Linux and Windows, here: https://ark.gamepedia.com/Dedicated_Server_Setup An alternative option is hosting a server with a ARK Server provider. Cheers, Max
  13. Dedicated Premium ARK servers Premium ARK is specialised in hosting large ARK communities. Our customers run servers with 80+ simultaneous players. Are you looking for a partner that actually walks the talk? Try the 2 hour demo server free, and put it to the test! No payment credentials required. https://www.premiumark.com/dedicated-ark-servers/ "Bring your own" Connect your personal dedicated server to Premium ARK and get access to the Premium ARK features. Currently supports OVH and SoYouStart servers, but basically every dedicated server can be connected. Save money and use the most advanced tools currently available! https://help.premiumark.com/article/59-im-new-to-this-faq Free community website We also offer a free Community website! This website connects with your ARK server and shows statistics, webalerts, fully automated shop and much much more. More details at https://www.premiumark.com/ark-server-community-website/ For RP communities we have a special application form, where players can apply for the whitelist. Easily managed via your command panel. Twitch streamers can use the fully automated Twitch sub-whitelist.
  14. Sure thing! I noticed some other people using the direct json output, that this tool provides, on production sites as well. Please do keep in mind that this might cause security risks. If attackers find a way to inject / execute unwanted commands, you're in big trouble. If you're gonna allow direct access, I would recommend using your webserver as a proxy, to obscure / block all direct access to this tool using a firewall, with your webserver's IP in the whitelist. This will also give you the option to cache the output Another unpleasant side-effect might be noticeable when you have a lot of visitors on the website. Ideally you would want to separate the web traffic from your gameserver traffic, so your gameserver is not affected by any traffic spikes. Its a good thing to be in control when and how often your gameserver is called for data