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  1. Dynamic Config & Live Tuning 12 okt 2020 With the recent ARK: Survival Evolved update the new feature "Live Tuning" was introduced. This allows you to make particular changes on the fly. You can read more about it on Survivetheark.com. Along with Live Tuning we added Dynamic configs. Dynamic config allow you to edit certain rates, without needing a restart. Dynamic configs & Live Tuning is available to RconConnect servers too! Added "DefaultOverloads.json" field to config templates Added "DynamicConfig" field to config templates RconConnect servers can fin
  2. Perhaps you are interested in checking out GameServerApp.com. You can rent a server from us, or connect your own/rented dedicated machines. It comes with a lot of useful community tools. https://www.gameserverapp.com/
  3. We released our Windows servers! You can now choose between Linux and Windows gameservers. Our Windows servers support the ARK Server API. Both platforms (Linux and Windows) work like you are used to: easy and simple to setup by anyone.
  4. Hello, If you are interested in hosting that many gameserver, you might be interested in trying out our dedicated machine option: https://www.gameserverapp.com/products/dedicated-machine/ Feel free to contact the helpdesk if you have any questions. - Max
  5. Discord bot commands now support server management! Commands: !help !servers - Show all servers for your community !motd [message] - Set Message of the Day for your tribe !kickme - Kicks you from the server you are currently on !online [Server id or 'all'] - Show online players on selected or all gameservers !broadcast [Server id or 'all'] [message] - Broadcast on selected or all gameservers !kick [steam ID] - Kick player from all gameservers !ban [steam ID] - Ban player on all gameservers !unban [steam ID] - Unban player on all gameservers !rcon [Server id or 'a
  6. The community website is now open source! customise your website with all advanced stats baked in: https://github.com/GameserverApp/Community-Website
  7. Today the Official PHP API wrapper is finally available. You can now display data on your own website in a couple minutes: https://github.com/GameserverApp/PHP-API-Wrapper
  8. Get a dedicated machine with OVH, SoYouStart or Hetzner, and run up to 10 gameservers starting at € 49,99/mo (total), on your own dedicated machine. Fully automated!
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