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  1. Major update for automations has been released. See full change log: https://github.com/gameserverapp/Platform/discussions/773
  2. The GSA Shop now offers Discounts. More info at: https://www.gameserverapp.com/feature/monetization
  3. Released a new dashboard tool, that lets you build custom dashboards with different graphs and other types.
  4. A new feature was added: Achievements. Read full release notes at: https://github.com/gameserverapp/Platform/discussions/232
  5. Today we release a major update for Permissions and Logging. This update allows you to specify and see what your invited admins do on your dashboard. This feature enhances the option to collaborate with large teams.
  6. We recently added GitHub to our ecosystem, making it easier for customers and supporters to contribute to development. Upvoting or submitting suggestions became much easier now. See what we're up to: https://github.com/gameserverapp/Platform/issues & https://github.com/gameserverapp/Platform/discussions
  7. Discord server status Today I released an update on GameServerApp.com that improves how your game server status is presented on your Discord. (Mod / Plugin) Update status Apart from the basic info like what map and how many players are online, it will also show scheduled updates / shutdowns. Updates (mods & plugins) are listed as well, so your community can see what exactly is being updated. Vote sites When you have your vote sites connected, you can display these on the game server status cards as well. More info at: https://www.gameserverapp.com/features/discord-integration/
  8. We added a whole new Shop system adding way more things you can put in your Shop packs, like giving Discord roles, sending in-game DM's, conditional or random actions etc.
  9. Review update The new Review system gives your players the ability to provide you with feedback. This is critical information for you to ensure your community is happy. Like with the reporting feature you can have new Reviews posted to your Discord. Happiness score Reviews give you insight into whether you are doing great or if you need to improve some area's. It comes with a few simple stats, that help you track your overall Happiness score. Limits Currently players can only review once every 24 hours, per user. You can set a required amount of time played on your community, before they can post a review. Rewards You can use tasks to reward players for posting a review, just like vote rewards. Future Displaying reviews on you community website is not yet possible, but this will be available in upcoming updates. This helps encourage new players to try your community, based on user reviews. Other stuff There are also a few bug fixes and improvements for the Reporting section: - You can now add a reporting form on your community website too. - A Report button will appear on player pages when you setup the Report page @ the Website settings. This update also includes a couple new Task actions that should help ARK admins automate even more!
  10. howdy! for questions please reach out on the GSA discord: https://gameserverapp.com/join-discord
  11. Hi! Our services are pretty easy to setup and build with ease in mind. We have various guides in our knowledge base that guide you through it step by step. If you get stuck support is only a couple clicks away
  12. Genesis 2 available! With GSA's dedicated packages you won't get surprise costs thrown at you
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