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  1. Super hyped about SE, Thanks for the news ! hope no last minute delay or problem show up that you didn't expect.
  2. don't talk for all, I want that new dino for sure. but it's indeed a shame they delaying The Center, altho sadly not unexpected. it seems this time they gave it to some partner to work instead of themselves tho... guess their partner also love delaying the rest of what you said is stupid tho, They are not giving us mods, they are the community making the mods, Premium Mod is also made by the Mod author, they showing off or selling these mods or not doing it have no impact on the game getting fixed, So stop complaining about that because there is people who love the mods, either to use it on unofficial or the ones that can be used in officials.
  3. ah, well I never clicked the links here to check, but I assume they had to link it like this here coz they can't link you to in-game Mod page or everyone had to open the game just to view lol but yeah for browsing through the mods and installing them you don't need to leave ARK at all, you install them right from inside the game and obviously there is no advertisement inside the game. I installed like 6-7 mods so far and it's as easy as opening the game, clicking the mods menu and searching/browsing and clicking install. done.
  4. Loving the custom cosmetic stuff specially as an official players finally being able to use mods and improve some base design. like that Greenhouse design is fantastic
  5. such a confusing message, first you said "adds" instead of "ads" so It took me few second to get what you even talking about. but it still didn't make sense regardless, where do you go to see ads ? how do you install mods ? I simply go inside the game and in the mods menu install any mods i want and there is no advertisement in there? you don't have to open curseforge website at all to download these mods as far as I know. is it only for Windows PC version of ARK from EpicGames ? I know Console and Steam/PC would install it from inside the game and there is no ads.
  6. if that is true then I hope they break it again xD, because it was such a useful "feature" for such a long time. I mean I usually have everything babies ask for imprinting, but it's still specially annoying with the Walking one. Big Dino, bad AI walking, small bases, specially on my water dino, I really don't want to have to spend so much time and possible risk for walking babies for imprint lol Also this was not in their patch note, so I am hopping it was unintentional and will be reverted, I thank you in advance Wild Cards !
  7. apologize if I'm out of the loop, but what is the problem for unofficial they didn't answer ? is it the fact that server transfer for unofficial is not yet enabled ? they said this here : they mentioned this in the discord as well : but since they didn't say next week in the official announcement here, they might not be 100% sure if it will be ready next week or not, but I guess it's something lol
  8. Great update but Please Fix cryopoding Dino to change their Imprint requirement like before. last update broke it and when we cryopod dino, they no longer change their imprinting. Thanks.
  9. server transfer is disabled. new servers will launch as soon as it release for you guys. you will have boosted rate from the start for several weeks all days just coz you guys getting the game later. honestly as a PC Player, I would have rather I had your situation coz I would get a better experience and a faster, more convenient play instead and no, I would not feel far behind coz of everyone in server starting just now and server transfer is disabled and I am getting boosted rates ! let alone you guys have advantage of more knowledge early one, I would have already played different on first week and first tames or wild baby tames (how to get boosted lvl on them) and many more if i had the knowledge i have today which you can have on launch if you want and watch a few youtube video on it.
  10. They can't set a date coz they don't know. It's very clear man, very simple and clear lol the bigger the project, the more problem it might have that you can not expect, the more freedom you need. coding and game development is not like making a movie or drawing where u can have a clear estimate coz so many unexpected can happen. giving a clear date simply mean you are putting a big pressure and possible disappointment on the line. Ofcourse, they could say something like 20 or 30th November, give themselves a big gap of time so they are sure they can do it in that time, but if they think they might do it earlier, giving such a late time is just gonna make people mad.
  11. Thanks Everyone. Excited to try ASA, downloading it right now. Hope the Console version will be ready too soon for the console players.
  12. Congratz to Yi Qi But I'm pretty bummed, oh well, it's a shame the Jumping Spider not win, I really wanted it... To be honest the reason it didn't win is most likely similar to some other community vote... the way this voting system work, usually the majority first vote won't win. Like the Number of People who wanted The Jumping Spider most of all as their #1 is more than others. (6760) but since Jumping Spider was Top voted in the forums submission, many people who don't like it but like other things, put the spider at their very last Vote under everything else so the other creatures have more chance. this make the #1 most popular creature to not win when all the other votes are summed up together, the most popular is always the unluckiest one. I mean I can't blame people who do this, I also did this before for other creatures that were #1 in submission vote but i didn't like them, i put them in the very last even tho they were not the most disliked creature by me i just want them to have less chance and my preferred one to have more chance.
  13. I know right I spend like 90$ total on ASE but I played it for thousands of hours, like 4100+ hours. I bought many other AAA games for 40~60$ which I only played like 16~40 hours max. even if I only play ASA for 100 hours its 100% worth the 40$ cost let alone I already know I'm gonna be playing it for another 1000+ hours at the very very least lol Also even putting aside our future play time on it, the game content of All the maps and system that getting remastered is well worth the 40$, there is like 6 canon map and 6 free Map all of which are getting Remastered and a new Dino also added to them, plus the usual system and backend upgrade needed for the game.... That Mean we getting something like 40 / 12 = 3.33 $ cost per remastered map and dino not including all the other system changes and upgrades to other things that works across all game maps etc. It's a great deal, no doubt about it.
  14. Based on what they said, ARK ASA is not just a game to fill the time between ARK ASE and ARK 2. but they realized ARK 2 is not completely similar to ARK 1, and many people might not like ARK 2 even if they loved ARK 1. So they came up with ARK ASA which would remake ASE into a Next Gen Modern Game that they can support for another ~8 years or so alongside ARK 2. So the people who like ARK 1's game play can still play a better ARK 1 through ASA for the years to come and they also will keep up updating ARK 1 even after ARK 2 come out. At least that's what they said their plan is atm.
  15. To the people who still complain about the 40$ cost of the game and think it should be free or 10~20$... stop crying... it's a remaster of a game that gonna keep on going for years with services and all... a lot of stuff changing and it's huge when including all the DLCs... 40~45$ is well worth it, Someone said the ASE pricing was fine, why change it... but ASA pricing that include DLCs too is way better than the ASE pricing we had so idk what he is talking about lol if you don't like it, just don't buy it. yeah it's true that it's only 50% for modders but it's still an option for them to earn regular money from players who buy their mods and a motivation and reward for delivering good mods or updates for more and more people to buy their mods. so overall it's a good thing. Also, I am not really knowledgeable about this, but is there any game that have Premium mods and give more than 50% to the modders ? I don't think a big share of profit is really possible coz of all the Tax and stuff like that. I remember way back when Skyrim got Premium Mods and it was so bad with Modders only getting 20~25% profit from their mod sales that they eventually canceled the whole feature lol I myself am a programmer and I made modules to sell in Prestashop Market place or such, it's not even for games but Website modules, and after Tax and Prestashop Cut which was 40%, I would not earn much more than 50% of the profit either lol Yeah Also what you said about if some modders gonna get early access, they actually might. Since they said this a while back: We plan on streamlining the process of upgrading legacy ARK: Survival Evolved mods to the next-generation platform. We plan to reach out to current/former sponsored modders in preparation for the launch of ASA with the tools they need to get their mods ready before the launch.
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