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  1. So preserving salt only has limited utility right now. Wyvern milk, leech blood, ammonite bile in preserving bins is by far the best. Current a stack of salt lasts 2 hrs. First suggestion, it is my suggestion that all of the decaying resources (leech blood / ammonite bile) should be able to go into the fridge. My leech blood spoils for fishing. Second suggestion, Preserving Salt (which was a godsend in Structures plus) should be placable in fridges and both benefit and slow the decay of items in the fridge. It can save my tranq darts? Final Suggestion, perhaps there should be a priority recipe (gets autocrafted first) of adding Preserving Salt to the jerky production at a faster rate. It currently takes 36 minutes for meat to convert. What if we reduced its by 30% if we craft it with Salt. A 24 minute craft time might make it worth while to farm.
  2. With as many gamebreaking bugs and meshes issue, you want a hardcore server? lol. You hope off a dino in a cave for the artifact only to get the directional bug and die because you can get back on your mount and the cave dinos respawned and you can't pull out weapons.
  3. So I cut my losses on my first server. Had a tribe of 15 join me and we hit the tame limit pretty quick. 250 is ridiculous without cryopods. So I jumped on board a new server when the xbox ones released. I still want my stuff from the old one. So patiently waiting on that. I was really looking forward to Scorched Earth this month to get some relief in that regard, but as of yesterday that's off the table.
  4. I'd say use a trap still. Just pull them up. You know... the part about not being lazy.... even if someone else still does it. Theris are lethal on foot, and dinos can get stuck. If you are not going to use a trap. Then next advise is shoot from the back of a sabertooth tiger. It takes quite a few shots to bring down a theri.
  5. They don't have a server queue system. If they did then they could prevent people from joining full servers, but its not an MMO. And at this point, most players are likely to be victim of sunk cost fallacy. Without transfers, they can't leave all their progress that they made.
  6. That's rough. Without server transfers opening up and new servers being added, I fear that the login wars are here for a while.
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