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  1. So I am going to lose all of my valuable items i keep uploaded 24/7? I was at work during this amazon web service outage so i did not touch my items in that time....
  2. Must be bugged, i have done it hundreds of times this way. Hope it's a bug because otherwise it would be difficult to do the cave with gas masks with their low dura.
  3. And the cave isnt exactly new anymore. But yeah, scuba mask, tank, and leggings with ghille gloves and boots.
  4. You cannot take any dino with a raw weight over 560 so that rules out golems, gigas, brontos, and anything heavier than a trex. If you are not sure how much a dino weights you can either test its weight with a platform dino, an elevator, or look it up on gamepedia. Flyers are not allowed in ANY boss arena excep for the Manticore boss arena. To fight the broodmother or any other island bosses, your best bet is high end imprinted rexes. Just know to ALWAYS keep a line of your best rexes alive outside of the arena because if you fail the boss fight ALL tames in the arena will die.
  5. With the right fishing rod you can pull really good BP's. With a 500% I used to have i have caught just about any kind of MC or ascendant saddle BP you can think of except for the newer dinos. Longneck rifle bp's, tons of fabricated pistol bps, and tons of ghille/fur mc/ascenant BPs. Along with those i would also get all the other tiers of BPs but too many to count. I would just toss them in one of my dinos and eventually go back and look through them at a later date. I have a new rod to try again but I have not gotten around to fishing lately so I dont know what kind of loot today would yield. My fishing experience is from 2 months ago. My biggest catch so far has been a 3.2.
  6. If you were shooting it on the head then it is probably correct since it has a shell on the head. If you were shooting it on the body then i don't know.
  7. We get trollers and griefers in our server at least 6x a week...with this it is simply going to increase to 10+ times a week. GG