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  1. Some official servers won't show randomly Hi, I'm having a problem where I cannot see certain official servers at times. The list populates and I get 500-700 official servers, but sometimes the one I want isn't there. When I try direct connecting with battlemetrics, it usually pops up a steam server connection that I have to spam "Join Game" on, and then when I go in-game, I get an error saying, "Failed to query server for invite" or something similar. I do this about a hundred times and eventually it connects. I've been putting up with it for weeks thinking EVERYONE must have the same pr
  2. Jumping on manas lags, pauses and chops frames Hey, I think I have to change some graphics settings and I can't find anything online. Basically when I do a jump on manas, often times the scene will freeze and drop frames while I'm moving preventing me from being sure of where I'm going. Sometimes the picture won't even update until after I've touched the ground. Also, with owl dives, sometimes it seems to be loading and freezes or something. In general I get poor performance when rotating the camera or moving. Does anyone know where I can find the setting to make them move bet
  3. I finally got into mine, but my client crashed 30 minutes later.... back to the grind of trying to get in...
  4. Why does the battlemetric page of my official small tribe server show people connecting and disconnecting still and responding to queries but I can't get jack from it?
  5. Seriously, this is ballsed up. The most success Im getting after today's patch is "unable to query server info for invite." That's IF it gets passed Steam saying the server is unavailable. I thought for sure they had fixed the transferring issue last night, but it turns out they made it impossible to connect in the first place. Guess you can't worry about play being broken if you can't even play at all...
  6. You're neglecting that these servers are held on "nodes" that contain multiple "servers" on one physical machine. It only takes one "arm" of that node to cause instability for any connected servers. Not only that, but it is cloud based, so many nodes are interconnected, meaning if one node experiences trouble, the other interconnected nodes take strain away from it, in turn causing strain on their own node.
  7. To the best of my knowledge focal chili was patched, however I haven't tried it because I had that information in my head from the wiki I believe so I just assumed no buff to CS. I looked it up and the wiki says focal chili still works. Wish I knew that when I made those recipes ? Also dinos cannot be fed any consumable other than veggie cakes now IIRC
  8. Hey all, I've done a lot of work and research on custom recipes and there's just NO good info on it out there. The wiki obviously breaks down raw statistics, but it takes some interpretation to be explained fully Basically there are a few considerations to make when planning a custom food. They are: HP, stamina, food, and weight. Making a good recipe requires a delicate balance of all these. Its also important to note that this is a great way to store surplus food that would otherwise rot. Sometimes you'll leave thousands of berries and meat in a feeding trough that eventually all spoil whe
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