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  1. Since the last patch the last 15 levels of whatever custom setup you have are reserved for ascension. Just set the levels at whatever you want and then add another 15 on the end to account for it.
  2. Setting the difficulty offset to 1 and then adding "overrideofficialdifficulty=5" to your gameusersettings.ini should make max level 150 with all dinos being a multiple of 5.
  3. item spawner

    They're in the database ready to go, I'll poke sparc to upload it
  4. Welcome to The Jamon Paradigm PvE Servers!! We are a small PvE Community currently with 2 Clustered Servers. One running The Island, and one running Scorched Earth. Some of our settings are listed here: 2.5 x Gathering 5 x Taming 2.5 x XP 10 x All Breeding Numbers 2 x The number of eggs Longer Days We have multiple friendly helpful admins who will help when things go wrong. Here is our Website where you can read up on more server settings, rules, and news, along with interacting with the community: Jamonparadigm.com Here is the collection containing the mods for both our servers: http://steamcommunity.com/sharedfiles/filedetails/?id=800409313 I highly recommend subscribing to all mods before connecting to our servers. Check the servers out and connect from here: https://ark-servers.net/group/128/ Join our Discord Here https://discord.gg/4SgqB77 We hope to see you on our servers soon!!
  5. Can we get either an ini option or a new variable in the devkit to disable the effect of server difficulty on supply drops item quality?
  6. I'm trying to keep as much config as possible out of the ini files and hard coded into mods or command line, makes it easier when switching server providers or when an update breaks ini's.
  7. I've made my own supply drop mod following this tutorial here: https://forums.unrealengine.com/showthread.php?89182-HOW-TO-Supply-crate-contents-modification However it seems that because I am using overrideofficialdifficulty=10 on my servers the quality level of the drops is being overridden and the drops are spawning much higher qualities than intended. EG: Quality 2 max and min is dropping quality 10 ish ascendant gear. I know that item quality is intended to be affected by difficulty but surely not to this extent. I have modified every quality multiplier in the supply drop blueprint but have yet to be able to manage this. Is this something I'm doing or is it an issue with either the devkit or game? *edit* Seems with this difficulty setting quality of items is totally messed up even using cheat giveitem and in singleplayer. Using quality 2 is giving me anywhere from ramshackle to mastercraft when in the devkit/without the difficulty setting I get mostly primitive and ramshackle with the occasional low end apprentice.
  8. item spawner

    As long as you have admin privileges on the server then yes you can use it there. Just download and run the exe file and that should be it. And yes, the teleport maps have been updated and are compatible with the center and scorched earth.
  9. No one has been able to join our server because of the message "Incompatible Game Connection" since updating to ARK version 248.5. Any ideas what might be happening here?
  10. item spawner

    go to Users\user\appdata\local\AC Somewhere in that folder there should be a user.config. Delete that file and it should reset the configs to default
  11. item spawner

    Currently commander is only scaled to work with 1080p in overlay mode. Next version has scaling.