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  1. Imprinting Is Unhealthy.

    The point is Imprinting to 100% is unhealthy and not fun. The main counter argument is that it's optional and suggest not to do it. While probably a good suggestion, it ironically just supports the OP's point.
  2. Death After Boss Arena Win

    It seems to happen when you're riding the rex when it teleports you out of the arena. If you dismount before that, you should be ok.
  3. Imprinting Is Unhealthy.

    The imprinting system could be a lot better if WC changed it so anyone in the tribe could imprint. The first person to claim still gets the rider bonus. Promotes teamwork, easy to implement, and solves the sleep issue.
  4. Server outages

    Why is the stickied "Currently Known Server Outages" thread locked? Seems like a useful thing to have. The OfficialServers 324-345 are almost all down atm.
  5. Items not stacking to full stacks

    Been having the same issue. Official PVP as well. Started before the evolution event kicked in.
  6. Around 1:30 PM EST, our server went down, and has been down since. Looking at the server list, can see that OfficialServers324-345 are all down.
  7. Improve character movements

    It would be great if characters could roll too
  8. Option to disable dino from looking at you

    Logging out and letting your body ragdoll usually works but these kinds of workarounds shouldn't be necessary. Plus if it's a quetz (often the culprit) with structures on the platform, half the time when you log back in the structures aren't attached to the platform anyway forcing you to relog more to get those to render in properly.
  9. I think there should be a menu wheel option on individual tamed dinos to disable the feature that makes them keep looking at you and following you with their head. Sometimes it's nice when they move their head towards you, but if the dino is indoors more often than not it just leads to annoying clipping issues.
  10. Nerf Troodons

    Keep a good dimo or vulture on your shoulder and you'll be fine
  11. v254.86 No eggs or feces since last patch

    Same issue here on Official island map update .89 didn't fix it either
  12. This happened to us as well on an Official Island server
  13. Pike and bullets have the same modifier for brontos at least. I didn't check any other dinos. I remember a while back an update provided certain herbivores with resistance to explosives and flame arrows so there's different modifiers for those I'd bet. Really don't understand why the damage mechanics aren't more transparent.
  14. Nice plots! I did some more testing. Pike vs no saddle bronto did 26.8 damage, so using your formula the InnateArmor would be about 49.254. Pike vs 25 armor saddle bronto did 13.4. But using your formula the expected damage would be 21.44. Your formula is basically correct though. The saddles wiki page says that for bullets DamageMultiplier = 100 / (100 + 4 * Armor). If your formula is modified to IncDMG * [100 / (100 + InnateArmor)] * [100 / (100 + 4*SaddleArmor)], it gives the correct 13.4. So now I just have to pike or shoot dinos to figure out their InnateArmor and I'll know how much damage they'll take with any saddle. It's too bad the InnateArmor is a hidden value.
  15. It's more complicated than this. Some dinos, like the ones affected by this update, have "innate armor". They will take reduced damage even without a saddle. To test it, I (with 100% melee stat) stabbed a few unsaddled dinos with a primitive pike. Ptera and giga both took the base damage of 40, bronto took 26.8 damage. I don't know the formula and don't feel like stabbing different dinos with different armor saddles to experimentally figure out how these hidden modifiers work.