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  1. Hello! We're a new and growing community launching our first Ark server! We aim for a friendly PvP atmosphere that encourages raids but keeps players coming back for more. Join us in discord at https://discord.gg/RbEe2Hv if you'd like to learn more! Basic server info: Map - Ragnarok Rates - 5x gather, 5x taming, 10x breeding. PVP Improved Loot crates Mods: All the good stuff ;) Structures Plus Utilities Plus SelVision Offline Guard System Classic Flyers Stacks for Humans Editable UI
  2. Brittybrat

    Revamp Dino Painting!

    Full disclosure: I'm terrible at painting. One thing I loved early on in my days in ark (WAY too many hours ago :P) was that i could download paint skins from online and slap them onto my dinos. For me it was quick and easy. Now looking for skins is a chore, they're all still the same from way back when. Many of these sites haven't had new submissions in over 6 months! Many of the newer dinos have no skins available at all. The reason for this? The paint system for dinos has never been updated or changed. It's clunky, hard to use, and un-intuitive. The rotation is awkward. Getting fine detail is almost impossible. With all of these incredible dinos for use as a canvas, for the painting tool to be dropped off in terms of support seems such a shame. I'm not claiming to know HOW to fix the system, I don't know enough about game development to make a suggestion in this case, but I feel the painting system deserves a look from the development team to see what can be done to make it a viable form of art in Ark again! If you have any suggestions on how this could come about, feel free to leave it in a comment below. Thanks for reading!