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  1. So what happened to being more transparent about everything? These crunches are just like before. they really feel like an after thought or something someone threw together quickly. I think we all were expecting more. Honestly some info on the Xbox release, such as size of the download and roughly time of day we can download it, would have been nice to see. It really feels like we keep hearing you all say "we will give more info, more transparency!" and instead we get Community Crunches with nothing. We the community wait all week hoping for just a smidge of info and once again just disappointment.
  2. Just a thought. (A thought that I saw someone else say). Why not release the console version but without multiplayer. That way people on console can start playing on single player and get an idea of how the game is. It’s not ideal but I would imagine that many would be happy with that, for now.
  3. Will all servers be crossplay or will it be specific servers that are crossplay like before?
  4. So if we want UE5 or even the ability to continue playing Ark on official severs we have to pay another $100! This game already has so many issues as it is and we all kept hoping and supporting wild card and now we’re getting f***ed up the ass for being loyal players and supporters?! I am done with this bullpoop. I am deleting this game.
  5. Where can we watch the fun unfold for the next 24 hours?
  6. Hey, does anyone know how to submit an in game screenshot for the community crunch? I want to try to submit one. Thanks.
  7. Like the video. But I was wondering if there will be new items ( tools, armor, structures, etc.) to the game.
  8. Wasn’t this the Community Crunch where we would find out what creatures from gen 2 would be allowed on Aberration? I know there are some Dino’s being removed but what about the Maewing, at the very least.
  9. Looks like one of those old floating docks I would see as a kid when I went fishing.
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