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  1. Yeah, especially with Wyverns and dragons and mantis creatures you can ride. Way more realistic.
  2. Based on what I read up above, you'll be able to transfer creatures back and forth as well as your character through the gateway system.
  3. So the reveal was really cool, just disappointed we're getting an expansion pack that needs to be bought before the game is officially released. Seems backwards to me. You should add this stuff after the original game is complete and officially released.
  4. It's not released yet. It states that it'll probably be a couple weeks out to make sure there aren't hiccups like there were with The Center map on XB1.
  5. The redwoods will encompass the island basically in the middle of the map right above the swamp area. There is another post on the news site that shows a map which covers the changes. That may be what you are talking about though.
  6. I was wrong about that. According to Wildcard reps, humans will be player characters as well.
  7. It'll likely be on PS4. Since PS4 is only getting the full release and not early access like on XB, you just need to wait until it's released on PS4 for Primal survival.
  8. Just a note that all players in Primal survival will be dinosaurs. There will not be any human players in that mode because it is a Total Conversion. Maybe just watch out for the servers that are advertised as "All Gigas all the time!"
  9. So I saw that you can cut down the Redwood trees. What is stopping a team from just chopping down the redwoods and destroying the base that is connected to those trees? Will there be a function where the tree becomes impervious to harvest once a structure has been built upon it?
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