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  1. I can't believe you left the dung beetle off this list! Easy fertilizer and oil, especially paired with a phiomia and some stimberry plots to fill the dung beetles easily. Much easier than hesperornis for oil! Dodos are fine and all, but I have found that after the kibble rework I just have 1000 basic kibble sitting in a preserving bin waiting for a time that I just need to get some food into my dino's but I don't have time to go hunting. That hasn't happened yet, or even come close. The eggs are too heavy to be a good food item to bring along. Especially if you plant narcoberries and tintoberries - you then have no problem making medical brew. For food for yourself, plain cooked meat or cooked meat jerky (since the dung beetles give you plenty of oil) is much lighter. Ovis is great for wool, but I haven't ever done a mutton farm. After advanced crops, jerky, and a tap for sap, Superior and Exceptional kibble aren't hard to make. All you need is a number of low level female argies and a male argie, and you have Superior Kibble, and then do the same with rexes and then therizinos for exceptional kibble. Then use the kibble for a high level tame or two (or more). I'm on a private server though, so no raiding or griefing to worry about. Ovis farming might be easier for some in other situations, I suppose. I thought about snagging a male kairuku and some females, but I now have 3 achatina, and they produce not only 10-12 organic polymer each (slowly) but also enough achatina paste that I have a large storage box about half full already, and I only had a snail for a week and got the second and third in the last day or two! Ark is an amazing game. So many ways to go about things, so many different situations and ways to play, so much to do.
  2. If it's so bad, go find a studio that has done something like this better and go play their game. Oh wait, that doesn't exist.
  3. I recommend finding someone who has done it better, and then go play their game. Oh wait, no one has. If the bugs and glitches are too much for you, then don't play anymore. It's far from perfect, but they've also given us something very complex and unique. If it isn't enough for you, then I suggest going elsewhere. Throwing insults at people who have worked incredibly hard to create a game that thousands upon thousands have happily poured many, many hours into does nothing but show your immaturity and complete ignorance about what they've done, how difficult it is to do, how much it costs to create and maintain a game like this and provide all those servers, etc etc. Have a nice day
  4. Exactly. So much negativity towards the devs over such trivial things. And apparently they "are killing their own game"... Funny... I only just started really playing it about 6 months ago... You know, when it actually released as a game... Lol I have been enjoying it a ton. Of course, I'm on a small unofficial server with S+, with only 2 buddies and no one else on it, so my experience is different than many others I'm sure. I started on official playing solo to explore and learn the game, then wanted to actually be able to have something last more than 24 hours without a tribe wiping it, so I went to single player to continue exploring things at my own pace, then the unofficial. Maybe one day I'll go looking for the big tribe experience on an official server, but not yet.
  5. This is something I have suggested also! I currently play on a private unofficial with only a couple other people. I haven't experienced enough of ARK and haven't even touched Scorched Earth or Aberration at all yet. I played some official solo, just exploring and learning the game at my own pace, enjoying that... Until it became clear that the big tribes will drive off anyone not in their tribe because they want as many slots on the server to be "theirs" as possible, due to server hopping and cross server raids. So I went to single player to continue enjoying exploring and learning ARK at my own pace, and then started over again on the private server with a buddy. Official servers geared towards players who don't want to be in a 50+ member tribe/alliance would be a good thing!
  6. Ohhhhhh.... That makes sense! I thought maybe he read it too quickly or something, haha. I guess the thought was to make farming more lucrative and harvesting from wild bushes less lucrative, being a harvest theme and all.
  7. It isn't 0.5 harvest rate, it's 1.5 harvest rate ? King's Harvest! ** 1.5x Harvesting ** 3x Crop Growth 1.5x Custom Cooking Effectiveness
  8. Better option - fix the glitches AND ban those that exploit them.
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