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  1. Kibble as Mechanic

    With carnivores they fixed the kibble requirement slightly by having the Ovis and mutton. Currently there is no equivalent on the Herbivore side, but perhaps honey or vegetable cakes could do something similar. I would also support a much smaller number of kibble types, so have one kibble type able to tame multiple dino types like the Carno eggs do now. in a sense the kibble range was there to encourage you to get the new dinos as they were released so that you would have their kibble. However reducing kibble types or requirements would possibly help reduce the number of dinos collected by large tribes as they would no longer need all egg types for imprinting or taming.
  2. Paracer Build

    Bears seem to stay inside okay,, possibly I had it higher with less items on top but cannot remember as have not got one in a while. Good luck with your build, curious to see if you have problems with getting the ramps on. Paracer protection does not matter for bears etc as they cannot hit through the wall, the rex was just something that we came across and could not pass up, obviously it had height to hit the paracer, but most of its attacks were against the stone anyway. Looking forward to seeing your picture.
  3. Incubation Frustration

    We use 8 dimetrodons in a circle and can hatch any egg that we have tried so far. Advantage of them is that they regulate the temperature plus or minus, whereas fires can only heat it up.
  4. BUILDING IS BROKEN after patch 263

    The ceilings fit at the join point of the pillars, sometimes when adding a pillar you can overlap the previous one more than normal, perhaps try removing the pillar and rebuilding it? Lastly does it ever go green on different angles when looking at it?
  5. What exactly Is happening with legacy

    I have played official since day 1 of ARK, and when my legacy server eventually dies I probably will go to a modded one for a change. Until then I have had a blast and there is no sense in worrying about what might be, as long as you are having fun just make the most of what you have now.
  6. Paracer Build

    Oh - and i caught a 150 rex in it yesterday, in fact this screenshot is while the rex was taming in the background. So fairly versitile if you dont mind getting up close and personal, and have a strong Paracer.
  7. Paracer Build

    As mentioned here is a view of the mobile taming pen I use. I have bed, smithy, mortar and pestle and storage cupboard on top, and soemtimes a preserving bin. Playing primitive so no electronics sorry.
  8. I would like the wild dinos that are designed to grab still be able to do so in PVE, otherwise they are a complete waste except for kibble. I'm talking specifically about the Kapro and the Megalosaurus, although would be happy for the Tuso to also have its ability back. The argument against the grab ability working is around it being used for griefing, however there is a definite size limit on what they can carry. Besides if you really want to grief people there are still ways of doing it without these dinos.
  9. Boa Taming Partner?

    How does its bite compare with scorpion or frog, which are much more mobile?
  10. I think this is a great implemention and something we have wanted for ages. Well done WC for finally getting this correct. This will stop that free for all swarm when major bases come up for auto decay and everyone wants the left over dinos.
  11. Paracer Build

    If on island you are fairly safe in the redwoods and beach by river, Giga is fairly easy to spot. I prefer doing my taming on the ground up close and personal for most things, hence the mobile build. I have never had problems with wild Giga except where I go after it, although I do remember a tribe rafting up the river thinking a Giga was a rex until it attacked the raft.
  12. Paracer Build

    The creatures can glitch out if the Paracer climbs anything really steep, otherwise it is fine. In terms of hitting the Paracer mostly they cant, very occasionally something is inside that can, like dilos firing though the doors. However my Paracer is bred with high hp imprinted, so never in danger of dying.
  13. Paracer Build

    I built it specifically to catch dire bears and still use it for other creatures, just got 2 baryonx yesterday using it. Was able to carry the second one back to base and tame in comfort. Not elegant but workable, basically ceiling out back with pillar going down then 2x2 ceiling base at ground level with door sides and ramp at back. At work at present but will try to remember to post picture tonight.
  14. Paracer Build

    I have used a Paracer as taming support, so cupboards, beds, fridge and fire, no risk of pego stealing kibble. Also good for the snow areas with a house on back and fireplace, even Ballista on top. Also have one with a mobile taming cage attached to rear which I have used for catching direbears and sabres. On PVE we can not pick up and drop into a taming pen, so can take the pen to the target. Also have used as spotting platform with high structure. Just a few ideas.
  15. Tamed animals

    Sometimes dinos just disappear for no reason, basically they drop through the world. If this is a constant problem for you then I suggest that you move base. However as previous poster said - anything in tribe logs? Also are all gone or just some, and what map are you on?