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  1. I would suggest step outside your comfort zone and try something you have not done previously. For example Wyvern taming if you have not previously grabbed the eggs, or deep sea exploration and taming, or go for the end game so getting the artifacts and trying a boss fight. Alternatively if you try a modded game it can be like playing an entirely different game, so that could be an option, so many mods that you can keep trying different things. Perhaps try to rebuild one of the ruins on Ragnarok, like the castle? Just a few suggestions as I have no idea what you really like or enjoy.
  2. Confirming what Fetzen said, anywhere on Ragnarok in the deeper sea works. I built an underwater base using Megachelon for oxygen.
  3. Anyone else have customised engrams that are now mucked up?
  4. explorer notes, then killing alphas is really good as per above. if you land the killing blow then you get double the points as you would get if riding a creature that delivers killing blow. Can build a raft with bolt thrower and pick off alphas that way
  5. just tame some loyal followers to protect it
  6. Im another player since Beta, still really enjoy the game. Personally not really into the Tek stuff so now play unofficial Medieval, but that adds its own challenges anyway.
  7. If I misinterpreted your information then I apologise, but since it was one sentence where you mentioned exploit tames and then some of your legit ones being removed, it was implied that you had exploit tames. You even state everybody has had it done, again inferring that you did also. However if I have unfairly tarred you with a brush for exploiting then good luck with persuing recompense for your missing tames.
  8. You called them exploit tames, so obviously something about them that was wrong. A definition of exploit from online dictionary applicable here would be: make use of a situation to obtain advantage in an underhand or unfair way. So still no sympathy, you can call it exploit, I call it something else.
  9. You kidding right? You exploit the game then moan if you lose something legitimate. Sorry absolute lack of sympathy from me.
  10. I play with no Tek on unofficial (medieval only so no guns) and enjoy that a lot, PVE at present on Valguero which gives it own challenges, a good map with a bit of everything. Immersive taming also which is such a good mod that changes taming completely.
  11. Thylacoleo - great all rounder, fast, climbs, jumps, pounces, strong enough to fight or tank Basilosaurus - anything that ignores eels and jellyfish is good as far as I am concerned, can tank Squid as well Megalania - relatively useless as low Hp and melee, but still a great mount that goes anywhere ground wise. Rock drake - vastly upgraded Megalania really with glide capability and can fight, plus stealth mode Bear - so cute when small, very fast, strong HP and melee for its size. None of the above are best, they are not Wyverns or Gigas, or Mosas, but they are fun to use and play with.
  12. Perhaps if you included more detailed information people might be able to give a better idea of what occurred. Is Giga still owned by tribe assuming it survived? Official or non Offiical? Mods?
  13. Patch version 301.3? Any idea whats in 301.3, server now showing that version but no patch note for it. Non official server Valguero having problems, wondered if anyone else noticing issues.
  14. Sure, why not? SOTF was a great game and early into the Battle Royale scene, which is still really popular. Easy for ARK players to adjust to and a number of You Tubers have said they would play it if it came out again, which is good advertising. Also are the Fortnite palyers the same ones that would play SOTF, some maybe but who knows? Any other Battle Royale games out there that use dinosaurs?
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