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  1. Oldkane

    boat tribes + tame cap (Center86)

    While I understand your pain what have these tribes actually done wrong, or what rule have they broken? If the cap is 500 per tribe then they can presumably have zero dinos and 100 rafts while staying totally within the rules. I guess that that they are reserving their dino slots in advance, so if they wanted to tame 5 dinos they just destroy one raft. How is this any different from a dino farm with several lots of 30 of the same type of dino for kibble purposes, or a farm with 5 of each dino? Only rule they may be breaking is blocking access perhaps.
  2. Oldkane

    Sneaky Attacking

    Agreed, but again the question initially was around PVE play.
  3. Oldkane

    Sneaky Attacking

    So Durbinhaze cheating is okay if you don't get caught? Something wrong with your morals buddy. And Forza, the question was around dropping them into someone else's base and attacking their Argentavis, which is definitely griefing.
  4. Oldkane

    Sneaky Attacking

    If it is PVE during the week and PVP on weekends then what you are suggesting would seem to be cheating if done during PVE times. Standard rules for PVE are quite explicit about no dino griefing etc. which is what you are proposing. Of course the rules for your server are whatever the admin has set, so perhaps in your case what you suggest is perfectly allowable, but your tactics are PVP ones not PVE. Also the writer above was also correct, if true PVE then wild creatures are not carryable, again the Admin may not be changing the setting during the week which prohibits it.
  5. To Danae, make sure the tame that you are getting will exceed the wild tame max level when first tamed, then it wont be such an easy kill. And as stated have a saddle ready as that reduces damage taken giving it more of a fighting chance, or a chance to run away.
  6. Oldkane


    you could die and respawn away from your base, run to it and then get it to chase you away a bit until you die, repeat until it is far enough away for you to respawn in base safely. However previous post also correct, it has happened once, it will happen again so you need to get to a safer place.
  7. Oldkane

    Raptor Pounce. Really bad design.

    The height of the mount makes a difference, so they dont take you off Paracers for example. Level of mount makes no difference and nor should it, a higher level does not make you further off the ground. As far as I can tell they work the same as the Kapro in what they can take you off, so medium dinos and smaller are targets. Personally I like the mechanic, it has turned the raptor into something to actually watch out for rather than ignore. People may now have to develop a little more situational awareness I guess.
  8. Oldkane

    Lost character

    Short answer - there was a huge amount of duping and other exploits that occurred on the older servers, so much that they classed them as legacy and made transfers from them blocked so that people could not bring their cheating items over to the new servers. Supposedly the new servers had the exploits fixed so that it could not occur. No real point in you posting here again, nothing will change and the demise of the legacy servers was broadcast before it occurred for each server. The fact that "legacy" was in the name should have given a clue that they were different from other servers that did not have that name, and a quick search would have shown why. Good chance for you to start over and not make the same mistakes that you undoubtedly made the first time through.
  9. Oldkane

    So, a year after and still...

    I do agree that this post was better than I expected, although I dont agree with the writers conclusion. The fact that bugs exist does not mean that they will or even should be fixed, lots of software ships with some bugs. Having said that I would classify the bugs into priority order, as some are just annoying rather than absolutely must have. A DC on a raft that drops you into the sea on reconnecting resulting in death is more of a pain than having troubles with ladders for example. Look forward to seeing how this list has changed in another year.
  10. Oldkane

    x plants and titanosaur

    Plants dont target the Titanosaur so leaving them on target wild is fine. However if any of your dinos attack then goodbye nurse, so leaving them on neutral could be hazardous. I had a Titan in my base on offical for over a week and in the end managed to get it to leave, all without changing plant settings or taking any damage.
  11. Oldkane

    Bug abuse with no consequences.

    I see nothing wrong with what they did. Rafts clip through other structures which you knew as you did it to the rock that you partially sailed through. So effectively their raft clipped through yours and you got stuck. You could have just sailed away and not engaged, rafts move at the same speed as each other so if you had kept going they would not have caught you.
  12. Oldkane

    pvp Banderos

    You need to give people a reason to join as you are effectively competing for their attention against all of the other PVE servers. What are you trying to achieve, is it meant to be hard or easy? Look at some of the other adverts to get an idea of how to promote your server. Good luck
  13. Hi, did not see any other information under the link http://the-sanctuary.arkers.io/ provided, just a place to join. Can you clarify the RP element please, is it race stats, looks, abilities, restrictions etc? Thanks
  14. Oldkane

    Kibble as Mechanic

    With carnivores they fixed the kibble requirement slightly by having the Ovis and mutton. Currently there is no equivalent on the Herbivore side, but perhaps honey or vegetable cakes could do something similar. I would also support a much smaller number of kibble types, so have one kibble type able to tame multiple dino types like the Carno eggs do now. in a sense the kibble range was there to encourage you to get the new dinos as they were released so that you would have their kibble. However reducing kibble types or requirements would possibly help reduce the number of dinos collected by large tribes as they would no longer need all egg types for imprinting or taming.
  15. Oldkane

    Paracer Build

    Bears seem to stay inside okay,, possibly I had it higher with less items on top but cannot remember as have not got one in a while. Good luck with your build, curious to see if you have problems with getting the ramps on. Paracer protection does not matter for bears etc as they cannot hit through the wall, the rex was just something that we came across and could not pass up, obviously it had height to hit the paracer, but most of its attacks were against the stone anyway. Looking forward to seeing your picture.