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  1. GodBorzi117


    Is there a way to turn on Vsync on the playanywhere version of ark on the pc cause I cant see anyway to do it in the options.
  2. GodBorzi117

    Artifact not spawning

    i have checked every few hours but it did not spawn. i will try waiting at the area a little longer thanks for the response.
  3. GodBorzi117

    Artifact not spawning

    Artifact of the Crag in Scorched earth(single player) is not spawning no matter how much i wait or what i do please help
  4. GodBorzi117

    Dedicated Server

    can anyone help me with this i created a dedicated server on my xbox and used 3 PCs to connect to the dedicated server and the PCs keep disconnecting from the server after a few minutes
  5. GodBorzi117

    Xbox/PC play anywhere/Windows 10

    Thanks, kinda new to the forums don't use them for much only too check community crunch
  6. GodBorzi117

    Xbox/PC play anywhere/Windows 10

    does anyone know when is the play anywhere update dropping today
  7. whats next for playanywhere first it was supposed to release with the game but got delayed to mid September then late September now november whats next TBA 2018 fail or should I say epic fail