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  1. My wife and I had this BSOD/crash to desktop issue for ages with our 2080's on certain maps, but maybe 3 weeks ago we got the latest nvidia drivers and have not had a single crash or BSOD since. Did they maybe fix it? or have we been really lucky?
  2. Also loving the events, I would like to see these events on a weekly basis. Ideas for other events could include, 2x faster, incubation/ growth on Dinos (don't forget about imprint timers), on SE maybe a reduction with spoil timers would be great?. Better/more drops from beacons, increased respawn rates of cave beacons, more up at once etc. Only comment to the event is a clearer start and end time, I usually test on a tree to check, but nice to know before hand. Either way please keep the events coming
  3. Would love to see more of these special events, thanks WC! If you want to try different "events" there could be an event that gives a hatching, breeding, growth speed increase, perhaps a cave beacon bonus, faster re-spawn, double loot, more beacons up at once etc. On a weekly rotation? but really enjoyed the event that just passed.
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