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  1. Boosted Ragnarok Server 24/7

    Why was the server wiped?Logged on today to find my base gone, and had to create a new survivor. Some unhappy chatter in the server. Was this a bug or is there another reason for the wipe?
  2. new dedicated server xbox one ark

    Is it a PvP or PvE server? What are the stats?
  3. Pizzas PvE ark server

    What map is this, what are the odds, are there any rules? little bit of detail would really make the ad stand out.
  4. In need of a pve tribe/server

    I'm interested, what are the stats like? Offline raid protection?
  5. Looking for a server

    Does it have offline raid protection? That was one of the major things he asked for in his original post.
  6. The Center Roleplay 24/7 Xbox

    This reply is insanely vague. I still know nothing about the server or the rules, or the rp. Is there a set theme, is there a story already under way, am I able to choose when I rp or is it rp 24/7, what are ANY of these guiding rules? If you're no good at advertising feel free to send me a message and I'll be happy to write something for you to use.
  7. So... do we just message here if we want to join? There's no gamertag or server name for this post.
  8. The Center Roleplay 24/7 Xbox

    The unrelenting bumps do not put this server in a good light. Why not fill your initial post with at least some information on what your roleplay focuses on?
  9. Hey lilpanda, 

    I heard that you edited a thread I commented on where the response was, I assume, nothing but insults. I just wanted to say thanks, you mods on the forums do a damn good job at keeping the place looked after and I want you to know we appreciate it.

    P.S. It was removed before I even saw it, so that is FAST!

  10. I would love to see this option implemented.
  11. Higher difficulty level achieved!
  12. How to Bronto proof a base on PVE?

    That's a really good point. All the griefers need to do is get some fliers and guide the alpha to your base then land on the roof or behind the walls. The Alpha will tear your base apart trying to follow. Have you considered raising a ticket with Wild Card?