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  1. Just saying , a valve takeover would probably screw over every egs player that got the game for free...
  2. Never thought that dimorphodons were op but hey, ill definetly try it!
  3. Thx for the tips ! I thought i had nothing against a Rex but never thought of trying to tame him! , my only concern is that the only Rex i ever saw , which was a lvl 4 on the volcano , was surrounded by allosauruses and im sure if i try to tame him ill be surrounded by the allos
  4. Ive reached kind of a roadblock , i just reached lvl 80 on the island (this is my first playthrough in the whole game btw) and idk what to do next , ive tamed 15+ different dinos ranging from ankylos, therizino , argentavis and others , ive even found some pretty good quality equipment like a uncommon sword that kills carnos in 2-3 hits . Since then i just dont know what to do , i cant find an efficient way to get the things im missing (cemmenting paste and polymer and even chitin because for some reason trilobites are rare in my map) and thats been really bugging me to try progressing , i feel like any dinos that are even just about the size of a rex are gonna insta kill me and my dinos and set my progress back by a lot and that also stops me from doing much so im wondering , is it time for me to try one of the dlcs? i mean ... the max level for the island without killing any bosses is 100 and im pretty close to that or should i try fixing the problems i currently have on the island ?
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