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  1. One would think you'd be aware that both games share very similar ini files. Obviously i have learned how to make my game run much better than yours. I'd help you, but sounds like you got all the answers..have fun. ..i have only been playing on my dedicated server(ASA) with friends.
  2. Sounds like your player resistance multiplier. Should be in either game.ini or gameuser.ini..cant remember exactly.
  3. Type this into the console: r.VolumetricFog 0. All underwater will be much more clear, but it will also remove the 'fog' above water as well.
  4. Someone on the Ark reddit figured out how to run a dedicated server for ASA, and connect with a seperate pc on same network without guying a second copy of ASA. He hasnt tried connecting from the same pc, the server is running on though.
  5. They would show gameplay for ASA if it existed. The only way ASA would be out by August would be if they were showing gameplay already. Therefore...highly unlikely that it's being released in August ..I suspect a desperate attempt to calm the outrage. I do hope i'm wrong though.
  6. There is a lot of pain and anger in this thread..and rightfully so. Everyone has their own vision on what Ark is and what Ark Ascended or Ark 2 should be. I'm not worried about server wipes , because i run heavily modded cluster servers for me and friends..but i feel it's a real crappy thing to do to those on official who have put in the time and the investment to just lose it all. I feel its a crappy thing to one day say the 'remaster' will be free and saves will be compatible ..to it will cost money and the servers will be wiped. I want Ascended for UE5 ..and the potential that comes with.. and I'd pay for that, just like I paid for the original..asuming that many bugs have been fixed and the mods would continue to be free. Ark 2..i don't even care about that 3rd person garbage..if i wanted that i would play Conan. You won't 'catch lightening' in a bottle twice. Just make Ascended be Ark 2.. ..we all have our own skill sets, but i know one thing for sure. Regardless of the 'price' of the mods, I will be 'getting them for free'..sorry..just principle...and know how. Why get mad, when I can just 'fix' the wrongs. I know two wrongs don't make a right, but I will not allow myself to be wronged.
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