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  1. Having been with Ark since the beginning, I am profoundly disappointed in what this company is doing to its customers. I did not expect the upgrade to the UE5 engine to be free, despite the fact that you made that promise. People do need to eat and the bills have to get paid after all. But I had no idea you would be so greedy and hateful as to charge full price again for a game and all the DLCs I had already paid for so that I could recieve what is, at least on paper, nearly a drop in engine upgrade. Moreover I had no idea that you would also be destroying the existing community on top of this. Worse by far is that you are also using this to artificially inflate the pre-order sales numbers of a game that many of your customers do not want, Ark 2. This is the sort of behavior I expect from an EA or Activision/Blizzard, companies I haven't bought games from in a decade or more. I can only hope this was a terribly ill-considered April Fools joke.
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