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  1. Microsoft gives them the bricks they need to keep moving forward with ark. If Sony did they would get it as an exclusive. They aren't choosing to screw over Playstation. It's just part of the deal they have with Microsoft. Butch at Sony for not getting the deals Microsoft gets they're players. Not a wildcard problem at this point
  2. Wow... some you guys crying about serves being gone and this and that get over it. They are trying to make the game better and push it into the future as well as it will bring in new players with better graphics and game play. Boohoo it's literally no different then anytime people have put 100's of hours into single player and we'd get an update and it completely wiped single player. Like it's $50 bucks. It's a drop in the bucket for games especially for games in ue5 most are 80 to 90. Look at the fact that they are building this game on a new engine and can go back and fix all the bugs that were in the core of the game that they can now fix that they never could before. And now we get better graphics and interactive bushes and water. Better movement. Like no poop it's gonna cost a few bucks to get an upgraded version of it. Everyone crying about drrrr I've played official for 6 years. Shut up. You guys don't even remember what day one on ark was when you had an Argent with rectangle legs and zero graphics. It's people with poop attitudes about wc trying to make the right moves to keep this game going into the future that will ruin it. You want to stay in the past because your little official server has you cool max level giga stay there then. Let new players come in and actually enjoy a fresh start in ark. With a new feel for it. It will be like 2015 all over again. Everyone should be excited where we got ark from where it was in the short time they did it. And now they have a chance to revamp the game completely and the actual core of the game and everyone is crying about it. And they are the same people that cry about the bugs they literally can't fix because they would have to redo the game from square zero. I just wish you guys would stop crying about everything they do and and "I'm done with wc" "you guys killed ark" nope. Just getting rid of boring people with boring opinions and poop takes about moving forward in life. So team wild card. You guys do you. He'll raise the price of the ASA base game to 99.99 I'll pre-order it. Add a cool skin set and I'll be happy. Can't wait to start fresh please don't give in to the people crying about buying the game again. Please don't sink your company for a few people. Make that bread and give us a dope game like you have been with ark 1.
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