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  1. It's a real shame, it's one of the more balanced and less toxic versions of the game, and honestly in my opinion what ark should have always been instead of the pokeballs allowing solo players to offline wipe tribes in a matter of hours. Honestly don't expect anything from wildcard especially when they are developing another game, that will undoubtedly be a buggy cash grab. I mean their track record is abysmal and they rarely make an effort to fix bugs or balance anything. Arks pvp isn't based off of skill or dinosaurs it's based off of unfixed and u patched exploits that have ruined the game from the beginning.
  2. Fix prim plus and make it actually playable, Playstation version lacks dino spawns on the island, you can't progress past a certain point because furnaces are glitched....just roll back the version to whatever the raptor it was in 2019 and call it a day, I'd rather deal with whatever comes with that then have to play official
  3. Prim is unplayable, drops are stuck in the skybox the island map on Playstation version has no dinos spawning at all, wyverns and beavers don't exist on Ragnarok. Used to be a solid rather balanced gamemode that relied on skill and tames rather than how many exploits you know to raid bases and pvp...it's really sad to see it be almost intentionally destroyed. You can't smelt steel or make bricks, you can't progress past a certain point. If not for these game breaking bug primitive plus might still have an active playerbase and be enjoyable, I refuse to play on the toxic cesspit that is official and get offline by one dude and his pokeballs...please fix primplus
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