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  1. Also the free map servers will be unplayable... I hope genesis won't be free otherwise we are screwed. The network cannot even handle the current load.
  2. Back in the day I was young and did not need sleep at all But still... it would be a nice QoL change.
  3. As the title says. 8 hours is hard to keep when one works and tries to sleep sometimes. I know there is the cryopod, but that just makes a long process even longer, I look at you giga/mosa! If the imprint would happen in every 12 hours and the percentages were multiplied by 1,5 as well that would be a great help for the players.
  4. Yaaay for the EVO event but what if next time there would be a notification at least 8 hours prior to the effective date? You know imprint timer .... now all dino I currently raise lost their last imprint.
  5. Dedicated slot for fuel in machines As the title says. Just like the slot for saddles or whatnot.
  6. I can confirm this is still an issue.
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