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  1. @Jeremy Stieglitz please not betray us again with paid DLC before of a final release game version! we help us everything but don't make this again, you may repair this betrayal with the new desert biome in main The Island! don't worry with the time, but make it before the release, if possible! This is a request of a single gamer among thousands who still playing ARK every day or always after a day on the job! BR: Obrigado > US: Thanks
  2. beautiful, but the update, realy drop on day 1? I'm sad not so much because there is a delay in releasing the patch but I am sad because they leave the log until the last moment, and shortly after take the log and place the session "litle furter out" ! Please!, start testing today to not have the displeasure to see for example: "breeding phase 3 on {little furter 'out'} section again"
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