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  1. Once he joins a "good server," you should be able to search for friends.... and join him that way. You can then favorite it or click "join last played session" on following sessions. The server browser for this game has always been the worst...
  2. I'll typically try to get a mated pair of every species on the map once I get bored.... which is often. I can't stand official servers, so I rent a server for me and my pals.... sadly, nobody else ever joins. Thousands of servers competing for the same players never turns out great. We'll cycle through the different events to try and keep things fresh.... winter wonderland is entertaining... until you get sick of only seeing christmas colored dinos.... always looking for ideas of something to do.
  3. Had this issue this morning where structures plus was seemingly stuck on install.... closed the game, unsubscribed from s+ and immediately resubscribed.... worked fine after that. Might have been a coincidence.... Give it a whirl.
  4. Megalodon needs to be able to breach. Both tamed and wild.... I'd love to launch myself out of the water to take a pelagornis out of the sky....
  5. taternuggets

    Valguero rigged

    I'll typically clear out all the nearby carnivouruses before I attempt to tame something.
  6. Northeast corner of the map.... gigas spawn there... the grassy "highlands" Officials will be tough though.... There is a long trench that can be blocked off with behemoth gates.... kite the giga off the edge of the trench and he will be trapped... shoot from the top of the trench down onto it....
  7. And suddenly, I've gone from having too much honey to desperately needing more honey. Happy Ark Birthday, Wildcard.
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