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  1. I do have to say, your ignorance is quite entertaining. Your not a member of the scientology church by any chance? You would make a great member getting others to believe in a giant magathron god by just repeating and repeating and repeating. I could quote you 10 more times and you will bite every time. But this time I will not argue any statements you made, I will leave & respect your little fantasy about this. Good luck on your next 'teaching' as there is alot of work for you (95%).
  2. All the comments you posted repeat the same thing. It seems like you have a billboard infront of you. State something new in your arguments instead of repeating them. Even if there would be a public poll between all ark players about this issue and 95% would vote the opposite of what you voted, then you would still have a giant plank of wood infront of you and repeat yourself like a toy-action figure. Once your long journey to find common sense is complete, feel free to have a talk. Untill then, godspeed. :-)
  3. I bet your a great guy, if we would have some beers and a talk, outside of your function at WC, the true additional opinions would emerge. But to be fair it looks great. Just insanely bad timing. Tomorrow we'll read about Elon Musk already selling pieces of land on Mars. Why not right?
  4. Survivor, Jtmorris asks ,”With the upcoming ability to host Xbox servers on PC, would that in theory make it possible to untether players in split screen?” I would LOVE to see this... Put up some dedicated datacenter servers with 256 GB of RAM, use 56 GB of RAM to create a disk (Yes, you can create a disk from RAM, making it 10x faster than an SSD), have 200 GB of RAM left, and maybe 2 or 4 Xeon CPU's. 1 Gbit unmetered premium transit line on it. If it does not run smooth then. I give up
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