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  1. As long as the preserving bin can be placed on the ground, so should the mortar and pestle. One is useless without the other so having different placement rules is idiotic. If out of building area, just decay fast. This is a solved issue in virtually every other game.
  2. The Center was never on their tier, and never will be. Ark has too many maps and releasing them in the original order is a big mistake. SE as the second map was pathetic and did nothing to help either growing their playerbase or getting ASE players to move over. There are hundreds of articles, listicles, and reddit posts to gather info from, but they do not care. They should have dropped at least 3 maps from ASA and released them later, if ever, based on their cash flow and community feedback. This studio is incompetent - always has been, always will be. The CEO is a Communications major from ASU ffs!
  3. Open your Start menu, type feedback, open the Feedback Hub, and give your feedback to MS. Their processes and policies are insufficient for modern gaming and they need to know how much you despise them for it. Don't forget to threaten to pull your sub.
  4. Wasn't it revealed The Center was delayed because of third-party studio delays? How is a 3rd party studio your "main force"? Pathetic!
  5. No. Carry a tent or stay near adobe builds. Otherwise, kill your character every time or uninstall. They will never address it, even for PvE/solo. There are console commands to terminate weather events, but nothing for the heat debuff, afaik. I have a tendency to get seizure symptoms when I am tired, which is 90% of when I game, so I just had to stop playing on scorched earth. I couldn't last long enough to progress past it being a constant issue. Even getting a decent stash of cactus without a sickle on a boosted server takes longer than I could last - the game picks up all the stones and sand before even thinking about getting the cactus you are looking directly at and which is taking up 90% of your screen. Idiotic game.
  6. Heatstroke camera effects are nauseating and seizure inducing. Cannot be disabled or reduced, ignoring settings. Ignores motion blur, too. Progression is abhorrent unless you start in very specific areas. Need sickle to make more than 10 adobe structures an hour, even on boosted servers. Rocks floating ALL over the place. Get stuck in ground every 5 minutes. Numerous meshing and anti-meshing issues. Crashed 5x in 1 session, that's 5 more than the previous 3 weeks on The Island. Just another pathetic example of WC's work. Even offering in jest a new feature to fix an existing bug is pathetic. We deserve better from mods. Fix bugs, don't add more broken features on top of existing broken features, ffs!
  7. Completely unhelpful to not indicate on the resource maps which resources are in caves.
  8. Anti-consumer behavior from a consumer. Humans are awesome.
  9. Found this on a German forum and translated via Google: There are a dozen mechanisms available for them to push out patch notes, they simply choose not to. Awesome company! Glad to support them in the future!
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