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  12. Hello Survivors I'm back with another ARK Game Theory This time it's on the Origin of the Alpha Predators. As far as I'm aware and feel free to correct me if I'm wrong, there is no information about the Alpha Predators. Nothing in the Explorer Notes not even a Dossier, it's like Helena Walker or Sir Edmund Rockwell never even encountered one which is odd to me as ever Survivor on The Island has encountered one at some point. Knowing someone like them they would have been fascinated by these Powerful Beasts and would have wanted to study them, So this begs the Question. When did Alpha Predators enter ARK's Story-line and Where did they come from? I Have a few Theories on this topic #1 The Alpha Predators were created by The Overseer after Helena and Rockwell Traveled to Scorched Earth #2 The Alpha Predators were around during the time that Helena and Rockwell were on The Island but they never encountered one #3 The Alpha Predators were created by Rockwell when he became mutated on Aberration I currently have no evidence to back up these clams as there is no information available on Alpha Predators except for the creatures themselves If anyone has more information please feel free to let me know in the comments below Love You Guys and as always This is ARK Hunter Neolord Signing off, Peace
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    Alright Survivors Here is another one for you Think you know the answer than place it in the comment section below, Good Luck Survivors