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  1. Neolord

    Question for Wildcard

    Thank you, I agree completely. It would make the game more unique if players could make there own ARK Codes as it could also help tribes hide locations from other players like an item cache or a second base location.
  2. Neolord

    Question for Wildcard

    What's that suppose to mean?
  3. Neolord

    Question for Wildcard

    Hello Studio Wildcard I noticed you updated your Wiki, Nice job by the way. but that is not why I'm here, No I'm Here For Answers. Under the Ascension tab I noticed this Which interested me and then I saw this This began to interest me and flood me mind with Ideas. One idea caught my attention the most, allow me to explain. when someone looks at this they see a method for decoding the Glyphs in the Overseer Arena but me I only see potential. The Potential for Survivors to invent their own Glyphs using this tool. I also see the potential for a new language an new form of Hieroglyphics This would make Riddles and Puzzles more interesting to Survivors, More Challenging. Have you Seen the SyFy T.V Show Defiance? Well fun fact in order to create the show the Directors and Creators had to invent Several Unique Languages for the Seven Different Votan Races. This would be exactly like that except on a less extreme scale as it would be Hieroglyphics not a Vocal language. What do you think of that?
  4. Neolord

    My ARK: Survival Evolved Obsession

    Oh just remembered another thing the Dune Buggy (Commonly know now as the Tek ATV) damn when I saw that first come out I confused and excited me but damn was it glitchly still is too. Damn thing use to slide to the side when it wasn't in use and it was too loud as well. Dev's haven't fix it to my knowledge
  5. Neolord

    My ARK: Survival Evolved Obsession

    Bro money is short these days mate. Everything from rent to power, Food etc. Everything costs money. I ain't like thanos I can't just snap my fingers and became an instant millionaire (Although that would be sick)
  6. Neolord

    My ARK: Survival Evolved Obsession

    Ahh See I never pay attention to the Patch Notes unless It has something worth reading about like a New Dino or New Item but I do remember a few things. One was ARK before the Flyer Nerf, damn PVP was so broken back than just Air to Air combat nothing else. When you were being raided all you saw was 6 - 7 armored Quetzal's with turrets strapped to their backs and Ptera Tie Fighters zooming past doing Death Rolls. Around that time there was no real use for other dino's except Egg Farms The mostly just sat around passively gaining levels oh and end game was a grind for levels cause back then there were only One boss and three Alphas, Rex, Raptor and Carno. The Snow and Swamp biomes weren't a thing till later on before that time they were just Forest and Mountains Graphics were terrible like ARK Mobile terrible and yeah that's all I can gather for now might think of more later on. Nice Challenge though I expected someone to test me on my ARK Knowledge. Nice memory Jumpstart
  7. Neolord

    My ARK: Survival Evolved Obsession

    That is only the tip of the iceberg of knowledge. I know more, Screw The ARK Wiki cause I AM THE ARK WIKI!!! I know everything, everything. Wildcard looking for a true Super-fan look no further for that title belongs to me
  8. Hey Survivors Today I'm going to tell you Just how obsessed I am with ARK: Survival Evolved lets begin I've followed ARK: Survival Evolved since Early Access all the way back in 2015 (3 years) and here's the kicker I couldn't even run ARK: Survival Evolved because of my crap computer and I still followed it even to this day and I still can't run it. Some people call that Dedication I call it an Obsession. I've pretty much consider myself a pro at ARK: Survival Evolved and I haven't even touched it. Normally if people had an interest in a certain game but couldn't run it they would move on to a different game they could run, Nope not me. I know everything #1 All the Creatures and how to tame them. but with not having a good memory Jumpstarts are useful every now and than #2 Where to find all the best resources #3 All DLC's including: Maps, Items, Creatures, Weapons Etc #4 All Items, Weapons, Armours Etc I should get an award for this amount of dedication and passion for such a great Game as ARK: Survival Evolved (Not Asking, just Saying) But those Are just a few things let me demonstrate the power of my knowledge Behold This item is called Now if you type this into the wiki you don't get a lot of information but I don't need a wiki I am a walking, talking encyclopaedia. Wind me up and watch me go This is the Summon Broodmother Artifact . this was the very first every boss item added into ARK: Survival Evolved (Now Removed) Now around this time there was no Boss Arena's the boss spawned right there where you stood. Now around this time The Broodmother was the only boss you could fight legit. The Dragon and Megapithecus were in the game but had to be spawned in through Admin Commands and were a little glitchy at times. Many players used this boss feature as a Chitin Farm before the ARK Dev's replaced it with the first Three Boss Arena's This was when your were finally able to fight all three bosses legit without Admin Commands This is just some of the knowledge I have gathered other the past 3 Years of Scrolling through the Forums, Reading The Wiki and Watching ARK Video's on Youtube Thank You & Goodbye
  9. Neolord

    Solve this Riddle

  10. Neolord

    Corrupted Boots

    From Collecting the Explorer Notes of ???
  11. Neolord

    Ragnarok: Easter egg? What is this?

    I Highly doubt that to be a glitch mate. I look more closely at it and that Is full on Someone's Right Hand. The Ragnarok Dev's have done crazy stuff like this before, Have you not seen the Torture Chamber.
  12. Neolord

    Solve this Riddle

    Hint #2 Good luck
  13. Neolord

    Solve this Riddle

    No, You got the map though
  14. Neolord

    Solve this Riddle

    it relates to the name of the map