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  1. Hello! 

    1. Mcbattsy


      Jat fix the damn smithy. I cant craft mastercraft platformed saddles because of the 75 item limit. We need an industrial smithy. Theres an industrial everything else. Forge, grinder, cooker, grill, fabricators etc wheres the industrial smithy so i can have a desent amount of slot to craft a mastercraft bronto/quetz/plese etc platform saddles

    2. Drugged Kaddy

      Drugged Kaddy

      Why you don't post in suggestion forum? We often get what we ask.

  2. Just a heads up everyone, I've cleared my inbox out after it got flooded from when I was unwell - so if you had sent me a PM - please send it to me again! :) Thanks! 

    1. Tator Tots

      Tator Tots

      So does that mean if you left convo it was by accident and to resend or?

    2. HardyTack


      Hey jat if you see this comment im just gonna say i love your game i play it a lot on ps4 and i got almost like all explorer notes and tjen in patch 509  ALL OF THEM ARE GONE MY BIONIC GIGA SKIN IS GONE SO PLEASE GIVE ME BACK MY EXPLORER NOTES SOME OF THEM HAVE WEIRD BLACK OR GREEN DOTS IN THEN BUT THERE LOCKED so please can you give me the new explorer note achevments the new ones i deserve them and my giga skin i have broof i have the platinum trophy my ps4 username is Hardytack my freind  also reported 2 on ps4 his  is the_technogamer

    3. wilmo56


      Hi iam a 16 year old solo developer and i really want to say. I love your game but there are some minnor problems that simply need to be fixed. I dont want to be a another annoying guy thats say "your game sucks" but look at it was this really the intension of the game?????? Can you remember that moment when you imagend ARK a cool dinosaur game where you can play with your friend. EVERYBADY loved that idea and so you started creating the game. 

      Look at it is this what you imagend??? In ARK you need to prioritise as a player. I love it but i think you should do the same. 

      Bugs and exploits are all over the game. And the community is toxic as hell.  Do something about it. See ark and the community as a baby. If you give it your love and time is will love you back. Love needs to come from two sides. And at the moment it only comes from the players. 

      Ark is becoming a monster. Some say your greedy but i dont thinks so you just lost your true goal. Not the money and becoming famous. No you lost the first glimpse of ark that beatyfull little baby. 

      I really want to say stop developping and go play ark, A month or more. 

      And the you know what we mean with bugs, glitches, exploits, toxix community ect. 

      And the maby ark wil becoming a beatyfull baby again.

      Ps: i maby got a sollution for the toxix community. Simple idea

      Make a button so a player can rate a server. 1-5 stars. How more stars how higher the server will be in the server list. The result will be that friendly servers will get a better rating. And so your toxic community will heal but only that wont be enough. You need to give a baby constant care. But at the end it will be worth it.


      I really hope you read this send me a message if you did. Dont hesitate the community wont bite you. If you and your team simply listen it will turn out allright.



  3. sleeeeeeeeeeeeeeeeeeep

    1. Rath


      Jay what's going on with all the ddosing hearing lots about it from players but nothing from devs? 

  4. Hello friends, nice to see some familiar faces around these here parts :^ )

    1. Hoffy67


      Can anyone help me find the clan northern kings on the pvp xbox servers 


    2. BSGPollock76


      I don't know if I'm supposed to talk to you guys or not but I just rented a server through nitrado and it keeps black screening on me I don't know if it's nitrate or ark 


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