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  1. please add some sort of tek structure or creature that will collect fertilized eggs for you that was you can leave them dropping eggs while you go to do things elsewhere.
  2. cool thank you for the info
  3. didnt know that about the tuso, are there any other aquatic creatures that drop eggs?
  4. is the official server dino level cap 450 or 500? i remember it being 450 but i have seen some people say that its 500 and im not sure if i missed that in one of the patch notes at some point so im slightly confused also i was wondering how you can collect aquatic creature eggs for the egg incubator? im just not sure if there is another way, the only way i remember is by using a gacha to collect the tuso eggs but not sure if that works for any other possible aquatic creature egg
  5. the engrams to turn element dust into element or element shards should be made into a base engram like the cryopods. it makes no sense to have access to element dust on the island through the tek creatures but not be able to use it.
  6. if you own any of the dlc maps you should be able to unlock the engrams from those maps on all the other maps not just on the map the engram is from (excluding the tek ones you need to defeat the bosses to unlock). example - if you buy genesis part 1 you should be able to unlock all the base engrams and genesis part 1 engrams if you are just playing on The Island map
  7. - add option for structures and creatures to disable their special effects (an example would be the lighting effect the tek generator gives off while its on)
  8. yes but the harpoon launcher is supposed be the best thing to use for tranqing things underwater just like how the longneck is the best for things above water but if you can get a blueprint for a crossbow that makes it way better than the harpoon launcher because you can get blueprints for it then why is it even in the game? seems pointless tbh unless they finally add in blueprints for it in the drops on all the maps with water.
  9. everything is set like that but the levels go up by 2 instead of 5 which is kinda annoying tbh
  10. so you need to buy the dlc to get access to an item thats in the base game...thats some kind of logic right there wildcard.
  11. yeah, it makes the harpoon launcher completely useless lol
  12. how do you get the wild creatures levels to go up in increments of 5 instead of 2 (without going into the ini stuff)? i have the difficulty setting set to 1.0 and the max difficulty setting active as well. i mainly play on console but have ark on steam as well and on console its just set by default to always be in increments of 5 so im a little confused with the pc settings.
  13. is it possible to get a better blueprint for the harpoon launcher? ive been looking and havent found one yet which makes absolutely no sense since its supposed to be a base game item used for underwater taming. at this point its useless because i just use my ascendant crossbow bp but i was wondering if it was possible to get a good bp for it so i dont have to use my crossbow underwater anymore.
  14. dont know if its on all the maps but i just spent 30 minutes on the surface of Aberration and every loot crate had only base primitive items/blueprints in them
  15. - when taming my astrodelphis it showed i was supposed to get a 100% taming effectiveness tame but i did not get the levels it stated - when feeding it the element it would randomly reset how many element it wanted slowing down the tame for some unknown reason
  16. - make crafting skill bonus always give the maximum percent bonus for the amount of crafting skill you have ( its really a bit much to have to grind forever to craft 100+ saddles just to get around 18 ones you will use)
  17. why was my question moved? its a question about ark 1 but the cosmetics you get from watching the trailers
  18. i knew about watching the trailers but i forgot to on pc and now i dont think you can atm so i was hoping someone would know how to get them if you still can atm
  19. is it still possible to unlock the cosmetics from the ark 2 and animated trailers? im just asking because i just realized that i forgot to get them on my pc version of ark and was hoping that i still could
  20. - give all creatures that can walk on 2 legs the ability to turn like the spino can on 2 legs
  21. - add a tek structure that increases the chance of any creature breeding within range to get the specific mutation that you choose on the tek structure
  22. i never had any real issue with the harvesting, xp, and taming rates. the big issue in my opinion is the breeding rates, everything takes way too long. i understand wanting to make it difficult but up to 14 days for something is kinda ridiculous for a game to be honest.
  23. - battle scar costumes for the creatures would be awesome
  24. - more variety in melee weapons. there are only really 2 aside from the ones used to knockout things.
  25. - add more looks for other structures (walls, ceilings, etc) like how you started to with the foundations - add triangle ceilings for thatch
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